Dublin Footballers 2023

Didn’t see that, thanks!

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jaysus i do, enough to make ye want to go off the drink

Most low-key build up ever which kind of sums up Division 2

Wait till the Clare & Limerick games you’ll see low key


Good for us to see how the other 3/4 live, for a change!

Louth too …

No better in Division 1 – Journalists too busy improving their click bait on other 'scandals '.


I am actually really looking forward to it, just to be watching live games. Will have to pop down to my local sports bar tonight to make sure they will be showing it on the box. No doubt someone will want to watch Preston V Spurs in the EFL cup! They have multiple screens so should be able to show both

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Not just paranoia then

Sure the articles a couple years were about how we were going to do the 10 in a row. Likes of Colm O’Rourke made look foolish now.


You’re dead right! We only won SIX in a row and I’ll be long coffined by the time anyone does seven.

For feics sake, why do the Dubs get blamed for everything by some people?
O’Rourke was looking foolish long long before the 6 in a row was ever dreamt of.


Does anyone know how the groups work for the new all Ireland series? Leinster v Munster and ulster v Connaught was last years semis, does this format remain? It should be Leinster V Ulster, Munster V Connaught this year from my reckoning. As in if the provincial winners progress. Can dublin and Kerry meet before a final if both win their province?

I don’t think that answers my question though. :man_shrugging:t2:

:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
competition formats is the sole and single job of one of the backroom team.

I might be wrong on this,

But based on last year’s championship/league

We’d have been at home to Mayo/ Tyrone/ Armagh/ Monaghan

Away to Clare/Cork/ Louth/(Meath)- not sure if we could meet them again

And we’d have had a neutral game against Limerick/Donegal/ Roscommon/ (Kildare)- again not sure if we could’ve played them again either

Again I may be wrong on that but it makes for some competitive games/ nice away trips

4 provincial winners are separately in each group so let’s assume they both win the province

After that the winners are seeded for the quarters so it really depends how the group stages go but by my maths Dublin can only meet Kerry in the semis if everything goes to plan