Dublin Footballers 2023

that’ll all be sorted out now with the new station openin in o connell st… NOT


I was doing da’s taxis in Belfast last night near the Holylands…

It was good to see so many people out enjoying themselves with no trouble.

But compared to places we’ve been in Europe, we do some amount of drinking. Some were plastered being on the booze all day.

And the rubbish from takeaway food was unreal. Mostly as the street bins were stuffed. Feel sorry for the street cleaners this morning.


First game

3 Abel floats…?

I was sure there were far more than that, but in those days, they were the highlight of the parade, apart from those long legged, wet, frozen but smiling cheerleaders from the USA.

There were. Mostly very dull, at least to us chislers. However as you rightly point out, forgot about the much more glam American ones. Too young to really appreciate!

“What is the stars ?”

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Ah, that’s the question, that’s the question…

that seems to be almost unique to here and britain. i did it myself one time too (well not the rubbish bit) but a ptitful part of the culture all the same.

just for contrast, we accidentally ended up at a free concert in Plaza de Commerco in the centre of lisbon a few years back. there must have been 20K there and little kiosks all around selling superbock. i saw 2 guards on a segway the entire evening and no litter- and i mean none- on the ground. no drunkeness either. lots of circles of young people sitting on the ground having a spliff or 2 as well. legally i think. not sure what all that says (back to football now, i promise).


I almost forgot this was the football thread!

Think it’s because I was sober last night - you get to see just how drunk people can get.

When we were in Italy a few years back, it was far more civilised.

Then again…one of my worst drunken nights was in Dublin so can’t complain too much.

What’s story with mannion anyone know ??

no clue, like many other things. it’s becoming a defining trait of dessie’s mangement, things not making sense.

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Still on the way back. It’s all about the championship for this group

It’s win or bust

Not a unique situation. Go to England and you’ll find the same regarding London.

Eamonn Heary and Bernard Flynn

BF: The row that day was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. I’d forgotten about the trip.

EH: Course you did, sure tripping lads wouldn’t have been in your nature!

EH: I hadn’t been involved with Dublin in the league until that point. St Vincent’s had won the Dublin senior hurling championship and so we went on to play in Leinster. But I was back for the Meath game. On the way to Navan, Gerry McCaul came down the bus. Gerry was old style, he says to me, “you are going in corner back today and you’re marking Flynn.” Then he walks away, turns and adds, “he scored 2-8 in an intermediate championship match last week.” I was only playing two years for Dublin at that stage, so the likes of Bernard could end your career. At the time you were in the running for another All Star.

BF: Yeah, I was going well, but you couldn’t get nominated once you were sent off.

EH: I think I mentioned that to you going off the pitch.

BF: Yeah, you f***ing did.

EH: Afterwards we were back in the Coolquoy Lodge but I was despondent. We were after beating Meath but I’m thinking, “I’m gone, I won’t get back in the team.” Suddenly, people were coming up to me going, “well done, good boy Heery.” So I start thinking, “I’ll turn this around, I’ll act like I’d done it on purpose to take Flynn out of the game.”

:grin: :grin: :grin:


Great read that .

Anyone know whats up with Jack McCaffrey??. Is he injured?

Think someone said he had hamstring issue

Thanks. I hope is back for the championship. We need him.

Jack and Mannion impact this year will probably from the bench. Both have played little football over last few years and more prone to injuries.

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didn’t affect diarmo. jack seems to be fairly injury-prone in general, soft tissue in particular so probably related to the turbo boost. we’ve been blessed that way over the last decade. flynner and cian were problematic but many of the other core players were nearly always available.