Dublin Footballers 2023

Difference was Connolly was playing away with club. Even then his decision making wasn’t great in 2019 AI final replay.

Jack hasn’t played much with Clontarf in last 3 years. Mannion has had two big operations.


And these the sweet of the day

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Diarmo not as influential in 2019 replay when he came on for 2nd half as he was pre sabbatical in his prime … he did contribute 3 brilliant plays though which were breathtaking in their own way.
His physical dispossesion of Kerry player and foot pass to Ciaran for a point was something I don’t think anyone else could do.
ps Please don’t tell me I am mixing up the final and the replay !


Pass to Dean I think?

Butchered a three on two though. :smirk:

You got it right :white_check_mark:

That was another play. The curved effect of the pass which took out the defender. Deano took point when goal was on.
Commentator Imsmr just didn’t get the pass and thought it was a lucky outcome. God help us.

No recollection of that charge towards goal flanked by Deano and Con :wink:

Going to show your response to my spouse to prove that I have got at least one thing right recently ! :smiley:

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Pass to Deano was 2017 final.


Nope. 3 on 3 really. And he used the two decoys and took exactly the right option, he had the best shot at goal. His error was not roofing or lower cornering it. I actually think he didn’t want to humiliate the beaten opposition.
If he was a Kerry player he would have.

The best option would have resulted in a goal.

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The best shot would have. He just wasn’t clinical with it. But he was in the best position to try it.

Just had a quick scan on team selections in the league and options tried out

O Hanlon has played every game and looks regular for now. Cometford hopefully back to compete with him .

In defence , Dara Newcombe looks a regular for now . Sean McMahon played a lot in first few games but nothing in the last two. Cian Murphy similar . Like last year, neither seem to be able to claim a regular place yet . No other new defender being tried recently

Lahiff playing regularly between midfield and half forward . No other midfielder being trying out recently

A few options tried out in the forward line For the second league in a row, Mcgarry has had little or no opportunities recently after being regular early in . Lowry played a little . Killian o Gara started recently and likely to keep place for next game . Lorcan o dell played very little league . Only one start I think and a few off the bench

It’s a slow burner again this year as regards bringing players through . The positives are that the core group of 18 or 19 other players are still strong for this year if they stay fit . Hope we see Mannion and Paddy Small soon to provide more options .


You left out Gannon, who has been our best attacking defender so far this year

He’s not new though surely ?


his boot’s are

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Pity we can’t find 5 more like him .

We could do with some defending defenders. And old skool backs


i know it was meath but the team see to be startin to play better together, even the first half against Derry. it’ll take time for the newish lads to get to the level of some of their hero’s their playin alongside now. if we beat louth convincinly and play and beat Derry in the final id be more than happy. it’ll be a nice boost goin into the championship


Deliberately left him off as he nailed his spot last year. I suppose Lahiff is in same boat in midfield.

Hopefully one of Newcombe mcMahon or Murphy steps it up for championship. Might still be too early for the U20’s

Midfield is light also. Fenton has played every game again