Dublin Footballers 2023

Mc Mahon only playing AFL1 lately as he’s had hamstring issues

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So half back line, barring injuries is McCarthy, Small and Gannon for champo, nailed on?

Put it on a T shirt

Small, Murchan, Gannon

Jack should be in the mix

and what about jamesie


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Dessie always picks Lahiff though. And if he picks him HF for Championship we may roll up the tent now


I thought lahiff did well last year . He does what it says on the tin

But he’s not a forward

Depends on how fit Jack and mannion get

Rest of the team picks itself


Thats what I mean though. He generally doesn’t leave Lahiff out. Did quite well I’d agree. So with Jamesie fighting fit 3 into 2 doesn’t go.

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He’s a utility player and has improved with each season. He reminds me of Bastick a little but lacking the edge. Tom should work on being less nice and more disruptive.


He’s athletic but hasn’t got that much football I don’t think.

McCaffrey could easily be considered in that HB link for 50 minutes.

Not mentioning Howard either but I believe he belongs in the HF line.

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Agree x 3. Just Dessie awlays picks him and that can only be at MF imo. Jamesie not a bad HB to be fair. Are the legs still there though. Overall our options aren’t bad. Until it gets to scoring forwards and not having enough of them on the field thus far this year.


I’d try Jamsie full back, it’s an area of the pitch we’ve a bit of an issue with


Do you include Rock as a certainty ?

Have we got an alternate reliable free taker . Genuine question . Dean hasn’t the legs anymore that’s for sure

I don’t think our team picks itself. We have 18-19 experienced players who are proven in champiionship but at dfferent stages of career and then whoever else comes an option from injured list and new players being tried out in league.

I think if Mannion had played any league and showed any bit of form the answer is probably no because between him and Costello the frees should be taken care of (probably not to Rocks % but close enough)

Mix of Cos, Mannion and goalkeeper would be needed to replicate Rock, big ask