Dublin Footballers 2023

Do the county board still own the land in Rathcoole that was earmarked for a centre of excellence about 20 years ago?

We’ll have 3 centre of excellences🤣 send the country folk into meltdown


I think they sold that to South Dublin County Council it’s the location of the public park in Rathcoole.

I’m surprised they (SDCC) didn’t turn it into training grounds for Shamrock Rovers.


Bigger necessity for development squads and county panels.

Room for all you’d hope - esp if Spawell gets up and running.

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Preparing for next year ……


Not many Dublin lads

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2 years plus on from our last AI win it’s begining to feel like a long time ago at this stage.
Is this just me ?
Funny how those unprecedented glory years watching and supporting the best team ever to play ball seem a bit distant at this remove.
Looking forward to a competitive 2023 starting with the no nonsense glamour that is NFL Div 2.
Intrigued as to how the Dessie Pat vibe will develop.


Last match feels like forever ago.


winning was getting boring, far more fun in the chase. that will seem like an intensely smug and condescending to say for our mayo scribes here but true all the same.


Free hit really . Division 2 is like Purgatory . Won’t have much or any bearing on the championship

but will we win division 2 :thinking:

With our eyes closed if we want


Have to win Div 2. Promotion at the very least.

A shortish chase hopefully !

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Promotion will do . Agree have to get out of the division

Winning it … no big deal if not

We should be aiming to win it. Anything less represents a further dip in standards in my view.

We should be aiming to do what is in out best interests, that could mean winning it or it may not, the important thing is that there is a plan and that plan is carried out.