Dublin Footballers 2023

Playing laois in portlaois was a huge help to the lemons when we played them .


An independent review? What the fcuk is that? Jesus we have some fcukin eejits in this country. Let’s have an independent review into what happened in Parnells Ross …


Another Government study

Fine Gael love that shit. Ross for the Dail in 2024

What a clueless statement :rofl::rofl:


Why do those ex Intercounty players get a platform for their personal views. Philly included most people don’t care what they think

Once Micheal Martin passes legislation that all munster hurling games get shown live on RTÉ then we’ll move onto reviewing Dublin and Croke Park


Dublin in Croke Park = Revenue and Hype.

It is a very simple reason and We don’t need an independent tribunal of enquiry or any other bullshit investigation. Money Talks.

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It’s a nonsensical argument. You can’t apply a set of criteria that’s used in American Sports and apply it to Gaelic Games, or the Dublin footballers in Croke Park. There was evidently more Louth supporter’s in CP last week which is antithesis to the whole argument.

It’s never put forward for our Hurling because they win few big games and secondly, the support base is small.


Munnelly another one playing to the gallery. Why don’t likes of him send that motion via his club to Leinster Council rather than trying to make a name for himself in the media? John Connellan was the same.

Dublin only played 7/8 championship games outside of Croke Park betweem 1996-2010. We played Meath in the famous 4 in a row and Kildare in two replays(98 & 2000) all in Croke Park. I don’t remember many complaining at the time.


we should just build a new stadium. Nobody can open their trap then.


Thing is, it’ll always be something with these whingebags, you won’t appease them.

Laois football in the doldrums = blame the Dubs and Croker?
Kildare football massively underperforming at senior level for years = blame the linesmen and decisions?
Mayo can’t win an AI = it’s all down to the music over the tannoy and dressing rooms?

The GAA and the DCB need to come out stronger and call out these moaners for what they are…


Mad suggestion to come out with.

Tyrone probably have a better record in CP than HP.

Or at least play their best f’ball there.

If the likes of Laois can get their own house in order…they wouldn’t have to worry so much about where they play.

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the campaign will start shortly to strip us of the 6 in a row. very simple there’s no other ground in Dublin bar croker that’ll hold the crowd when Dublin are involved

John Costello wouldn’t give these nobodies the time of day. And he’s right.


They should analyse all the gate receipts for fans and dish out the funding accordingly. All our full houses in the early 2000s should give us more cash owed.

Once we have those numbers go rent out the Aviva or another stadium and really annoy the moaners.

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It’s not really. If the idea of having Dublin in Croke park is to accommodate the many fans then you’d expect these fans to outnumber those from Louth.

I really couldn’t care whether Dublin play in CP, PP or the feckin moon for what it’s worth but if it’s not to accommodate the number of fans what’s the point in using CP?

if not croker, where else in Dublin will hold an average of 20 thousand supporters, and they didn’t outnumber the Dublin supporters that was fairly clear when the whistle went but they did bring a big crowd

I suppose the point is that if the number of Dublin fans attending games continues to fall (not including AI series games) when do you decide the use of CP is no longer required?

Going to somewhere as small as PP isn’t the right answer either but maybe moving some of the provincial round games to other Leinster venues is an option.

The funny thing is they do and nobody seems to notice it, we played Laois in Portlaoise. The Leinster final is always played in croker regardless of who is in it, Other than that we played one game in croker and one away the last two years .