Dublin Footballers 2024

I’d go with that alright.

We did score some goals over the years from throw in pocession before teams are fully in game mode / set up

Think this was just another one of those situations where Dublin immediately coped on to the opening and while not planned specifically it was a play that was practiced

Paddy Andrews on the football pod confirmed it was a move they had been working on in training meticulously.

Apart from the oxygen that brilliantly executed goal gave the team and the crowd, it must have put the wind up Kerry if they were planning on going hard pressing Cluxton’s lockouts. The consequences of to the press being breached was demonstrated in technicolour


One against mayo in ’ 20 final ,text book .

3rd Sunday in Sept today.


2015 weather .

When I was young All Ireland day was always the 4th Sunday in September


It certainly wasn’t in the last week of July !


Mickey Harte to Derry !!


Heard Louth sacked him for not bringing back Sam. Apparently word is they are not happy to have not won the big pot since 1957 - almost as long ago as Mayo one official was quoted as saying.

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The dates for Electric Picnic 2024 are
Friday, August 16 to Sunday, August 18, 2024.

Hopefully CCC will include this in the fixture list next year.


Wow right in the middle of the harvest. The local farmers ain’t gonna like that.

They sure don’t

Organisers are absolute fuckwits


All lads who drink in Grogans I hope it absolutely pisses on them

Apparently the date change was to try and attract a particular act . The organisers will hint at Talking Heads or someone but it will turn out to be Bellx 1 or Jerry Fush.



The farmers of Stradbally are absolutely steaming about it.

Ciarán Kilkenny: The ‘central casting’ Dublin forward is showing no signs of slowing down

a good rest and break away for all the Dublin seniors out of the club championship, decision time for some over the next few months but hopefully only 1 or 2 will finish up. a good rest and let the hunger build up for next season. would love nothin better for Dessie than to do back to backs, he’s a better chance to do than Jack o connor anyway

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