Dublin GAA Leasing part of Spawell Complex

I had heard the pitch and putt club was gone, so it’s Interesting to hear Dublin GAA have leased the driving range for 3 yrs. https://dublingazette.com/sport/lawries-spawell-dream/?fbclid=IwAR0N-eB0hmfgmPq-DNqFQ5w3iVlSKZy1t4p_-3lVs93QTONmEOz7h2UEhC0

I think the other leases in the complex run up to that point or near enough.

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I heard it was to help prepare for the Drive for Five.


Yes, thats what I heard to. the golfing fraternity seem to think the have won the war in it reopening.

The drive for a par 5 :joy:

Wonder what plan is for the rest of the facility as its a big site without the driving range. Suppose no major plans in short term if there giving a 3-5 year lease.

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The lead in time for any substantial project would probably be three years anyway between drawing up a plan, submitting for planning and then the inevitable appeal.

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Yeah I had heard that they wouldn’t be building a stadium in the short to medium term which is good as it will mean more space for pitches which is badly needed. I had heard there would be anchor tenants and it’s clear from looking at club growth in that area alone that numbers are booming. St Jude’s are one of the top growing clubs in Dublin and they are starting from a high base. You also have Faughs, Ballyboden, Templeogue in the immediate area. St Marks not far away either. Realt Dearg also currently in an odd location (from Milltown/ Ranelagh but in between Counsel, St James Gaels and Crumlin all of whole are struggling for numbers) and could do with moving there.

If it’s built as a development center I’d be surprised if any club is to be anchor in it . Jude’s and Faughs both have Tyron park which is massive .
Dublin will have enough teams to cover the pitch use after that rental would be the next option .
Im presuming the old pitch and putt is closed. Maybe development could be done on a phased programme starting there .


Yes pitch and putt definitely closed. Do you mean random rental? It’s possible but I have heard GAA officials have asked certain clubs if they want access. Based on the growth in St Jude’s I doubt Tymon will hold them. So Spawell could be used as overflow and allow clubs flex up on pitches when they need them. From talking to Dublin County Board officials they seem to be very much in favour of hubs that multiple clubs can access. Alfie Byrne Park is a model that was quoted to me a few times where Sc Ui Chonaill, Clontarf etc have access to. Although when I spoke to members of Sc Ui Chonaill they said they couldn’t get access as demand is too high. No doubt it will be required for development squads etc. Will be interesting to see what happens…

Given pressure of availability this is inevitable. It can (and has to) work with sensible management and cooperation.

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It makes sense, as it will allow clubs to flex up and down on pitches when needed… but if it’s used to facilitate the creation of super clubs (Eg C and D teams) then there will be a sustainability issue.