Dublin GAA Yearbook 2017 ..?

I fear that the above title is no more and we will not have one to look forward to in our Christmas stockings. :sob:

Didnt do one last year did they?

No … :sob:

Why not have a ressers yearbook instead, edited by dub09 with articles from al for balance

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800 pages might be a bit long …

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And that’s just the chapter on dub v Kerry

It’s just the first 25 minutes …


Anyone here in the publishing game?

Big mistake if you ask me in dropping this. We have absolutely nothing in print to show for the club year in the county last year. These of all years should be documented.

I refuse to believe that is was too much trouble/expense.


As COC regularly says … waah waah waah … :sob::sob::sob:

I’d say it’s being shelved cause the Club season looks like it’ll be finished by Easter at this stage.

very odd they are not doing one… but if they didnt do one last year either (and i have to say i didntn notice) then maybe they think its had its day

there will be a tipp one all right.

The Meath one has about 4,689 pages, 12 on which are on GAA …