Dublin Hurling 2020

So folks. Start the discussion about next year here. it was shaping up to be a decent year in 2019 until the Laois game. So what should Kenny do from here, minor tweaks and try out a few new faces or major surgery to the panel which might set us back in 2020 but build for 2021?

  • Sunday January 26th, Nowlan Park: Kilkenny v Dublin, 2.0 (DEFERRED: TG4)
  • Sunday February 2nd, Parnell Park: Dublin v Laois, 2.0
  • Saturday February 15th, Netwatch Cullen Park, Carlow: Carlow v Dublin, (Eir sport)
  • Saturday February 22nd, Croke Park: Dublin v Wexford, 5.0 (Eir sport)
  • Sunday March 1st, Cusack Park, Ennis: Clare v Dublin, 2.0

Plenty of new faces in the Walsh Cup and league. Need to reward lads playing well in the county championship. And young lads with obvious talent.

I hope Kenny has learned from his mistakes. And I hope the alleged frankness of the recent meeting between management and panel hasn’t created unbridgeable rifts.


I don’t think you should have locked the other thread. @Wifi still isn’t done there.


Yea i think there’s a good few who are worth a look next year, hopefully, they’ll show form in Sept.

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If you look coldly at our championship record since 2013 -especially the stages we exited the championships - all you can say is, the only way is up.


I am just back from a Tibetan monastery and meditated for 2 weeks, between that and a few pina coladas, I’m all good now!!


Our aim should be to beat Laois. It will show if we have progressed or not


As you were leaving, did you meet Jackie Tyrell as he was going in?


Project 2020 were do we go from here. Walsh Cup is where we can can experiment, hurling in Div 1A will be tough environment to blood fellas.

In Leinster Kk aren’t the team they were, Galway will be looking for revenge, Wexford will be an unknown package with or without Davey. We have opened the door for laois who will target the Parnell game for a win. All in all Leinster is no guarantee of getting into top 3.

I don’t know if the meeting will clear the air, but the physical and mental preparation will have to be right for 2020, if there are members of the squad not up to it, management need to move on from them. The honeymoon also over for management team.


Walsh cup and league be grand for trying out lads. Stay up in div1 and build…once again. :roll_eyes:

Next years championship thoughts right now is that we would beat Laois but wex/kk/galway wouldn’t fear us in the slightest. It’s the back door again for us.

We hit a peak a few years back but were way off regards a quality 15 right now and we arguably do have the strongest panel available.

You can’t say that here …

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League is being restructured next year, so we’ll have soft games like v laois to try things out in.

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Your tongue is super glued to your teeth there right…eh…right? :face_with_monocle:

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Buts it’s not even the back door unless we beat two of the teams. We have it in us, as it was this year. But we need to be a much steelier outfit.

Keaney probably won’t be a starter if he is there at all. That’s a big hole to fill alone. We have a few possibles coming through, but one or two have to come big.


I call Leinster champs

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The best thing Gilroy did with the footballers was get rid of the big names in year 2 who had been around for too long … Maybe Mattie needs to do the same?

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Kilkenny don’t have it. Hooking, blocking, harrying plus TJ…got them to a final but I think they over performed and are vulnerable as key lads get older. Their bench is useless and they have no pace in the team. The Wexicans now know that Davy’s method won’t won them an All Ireland. You’d need greyhounds who can hurl, for that to work. Laois won’t fear us but overall, the only ‘Leinster’ team that I couldn’t see us beating next year would be Galway, if they have a full-ish 15 on the pitch.

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What’s the league structure for next year?
Personally, I thought 1B suited us these last couple of years, as we there was less pressure than there would be in 1A.
It allowed Gilroy to get injured lads fixed and ready for Champo, also allowing him to look at other players. And also you had a chance of getting a few wins to boost morale etc. Similarly for Kenny, most lads were fit, so, it then gave him a chance to work on tactics etc for Champo.
I just feel in 1A you need close to 100% of your panel to complete against KK, Tipp & Cork.
Galway & Limerick where both in 1B when they won AI.

It’s back to a mix of 1a and 1b teams in both groups. Should be a like 1b for everyone but slightly stronger I suppose.

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are you sure?

When are Kenny and Crummy going to appear on Doctor Phil to atone for their sins? We need closure on this … we haven’t talked about it enough yet.