Dublin Hurling 2020

It’s on TV so i assume that’s the issue/reason

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Ah I’m happy with that so

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That is a cool thing to say, given he was the previous captain. Fair play to him.


Was he going to say anything other than what he said in public??.


I believe 30% of the average professional rugby squad is out at any one time with injuries. 33% of the Laois match team (not squad) injured in one match. 3 of them hamstrings. Have they never heard of stretches before a match.

I persuaded my young lad to give up the rugby and concentrate on hurling cause it was safer. Hhhhmmmmm. Might have to reconsider.

Is Cian O Sullivan on the panel, anyone know?

He should be…

No sign of him. Inexplicably.

Is he not injured lads? Thought I read that he was.

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That’d explain it.

Lee Gannon out with U20 footballers I see. Does that mean he isn’t with the senior hurlers?

Heard he’s only going out with both 20’s panels this year.

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Plus colleges and club , more than enough for any fella , senior can wait another year


If we want to make the play offs then a win v Wexford would help a lot, you don’t want to be needing a win in Ennis.

That is sensible. Unless he is going to be a starter with the seniors, he is probably better staying back another year. The fear is though that he is a good footballer and gets taken to the dark side!


Opted out; a la Eoin Dunne.

Opted out when? were they on the panel for a period at all or just said no thanks to being called into the panel? This is really becoming a problem for us, moreso even then losing guys to football.

It’s a problem for a lot of counties.

Paul Flynn would do better to tackle the elephant in the room. But it’s easier just to ask for more money.


It’s a real chicken and egg scenario, virtually everyone offered a shot will give the football a lash as they’re going so well, if the hurlers were in with a shout of silverware, then everyone would go for it i suspect, but it’s going to be hard to win silverware without the best players in the county.

And I don’t blame anyone, the demands on county players are gone ridiculous but i wonder were they on the panel at all, and didn’t get a chance and left, or whether they just said no thanks from the outset. It is a real problem for us currently as those two and Chris bennett would add a lot to our options.