Dublin hurling - where next?

This appointment needs a lot of thought by the powers to be. It can’t be the farce either that was before allowing the players have ultimate control but you do need someone in there who they respect and listen to also to get the needed ones back. That list you made is very good and with @Lostcause make a good point re Fortune and previous successful underage managers and club being involved. Boland and Mcguirk have sons part of the setups and that doesn’t work as we have seen. They have also both been part of Cunningham’s reign which I think we need a clear slate from and also baggage from before. Whether they left or not.When I see selectors from the past on this forum and in the club vouching for one or two of those names it gives it a stamp of approval for me also as they see the goings on first hand. We are in a very delicate state, one unlike most others due to the last three years and for that reason it just might need a good man manager not necessarily a big name to steady the ship surrounded by top class coaches (from anywhere). I would hope that comments from the Sunday game etc will be looked at also in respect to the regard hurling is held in the country also. What happened with fixtures at the weekend helped no one in our claim to treat hurling seriously.


Well to find solutions you need to identify the problems…his goes way beyond Cunningham and the damage he has done.
Key problems for me as they stand are well documented but I think the county board need to put in place ways of achieving these…problems include
-the development squads have passed there sell by date(we are not producing good enough players compared to other counties…yet we have as many playing numbers as all other counties).
-we cannot catch the ball…at any level(go to the experts in Kilkenny and see what they are doing to ensure every kid can catch the ball and copy it)
-Awful communication between the county board and players…seems a real problem, apart from the Daly era…the county board has shown no ambition for hurling(they allowed Cunningham destroy the game here for 3 years and the only time I heard a peep from them was when they fixed the game for Tipperary on Sunday…yet they made sure anyone who plays at adult level couldn’t go to it by putting games on at the same time)
-Ger Cunningham…the replacement is key(at full tilt with all players on board we could challenge most)
-the dual player issue(another county board one…they seem to be popping up a lot in the problem section)…no duals at county level at any age…i don’t care because it is destroying hurling and wasting money…players must pick and it must come from the county board.
-Coaches at club level…the coaches need to be upskilled(county board need to have sessions for club coaches on specialised drills for particular skills)e.g. forwards drills how to shake off a defender if your a forward etc
Plenty more things but thats a start

No doubt he has an emotional connection, you could see that last night on the Sunday game he looked hurt.

I understand Joe Fortune is very highly regarded by players. Build a team around him or ask Mattie Kenny if he’s interested. Anyone after that is just another name for the sake of it.

Cunningham’s three years is up. He cannot be reappointed. Nothing he has done would suggest that that would be anything other than total hurling suicide for Dublin.


Agree with most of what has been said one name I would throw into the mix would be Michael Duignan, not just because he’s a good pundit or his Sky rant, He did some great work with Meath Hurling and I know he did some coaching sessions with clubs like Boden going back a few years which were very well received. Like Anthony Daly would bring passion and a bit of underdog spirit which I see we were sadly lacking under Cunningham. Don’t know if personal circumstances would allow but he be they type of guy I’d like to see. Outside manager wouldn’t bother me but couldn’t help that Cunningham was a bit like Trapattoni when he looked after Ireland, took the job thinking the players were inferior and they just weren’t up to be coached by him.

This really is the major issue who ever gets the top job the success of Dublin hurling gets judged on the senior teams performance but if we continue to make the same mistakes with the development of young players only to lose them is a major problem.

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I think Duignan would make a top manage but again I’d imagine if he was to move to that role it would be to save his beloved Offaly.

That “rumour” has being doing the rounds for weeks now…hmmmmm

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Go to the experts in Kilkenny??? Are you having a laugh??? We’re beating Juvenile Kilkenny teams all the time and every odd year at minor.

I keep telling ye, go to your own club and find out why fellas can’t catch a ball. :rage::rage:


He was at the Laois game with Hedgo…

Wouldn’t go near McGrath.

He’s not in full control in Waterford IMHO.

Not what we want.

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Daly is a short term solution… Kenny and Fortune for me… Unless they go for a “big name”

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Mattie Kenny. No question …get him in and Dublin will be contenders.

A major problem for the DCB is that any potential manager looking from the outside will be
loooking and saying to himself is this more trouble than it’s worth. Will the players who
walked away be welcomed back on to the panel. How will those that stayed feel, if they are called back. Will the DCB tell the footballers to back off turning the good dual players. How many players do the need on their panel? Don’t shoot me but how about Séamus “Cheddar” Plunkett as manager, did very good stuff with Laois. Whoever get’s it, it’ll be a thankless job. Getting out of 1b will be a mare.

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Nail on head, I think the external candidates are not going to fancy dealing with the fallout that Cunningham left behind.

Well we beat them because in many cases we are more athletic and better physically conditioned than them at underage…our lads feel they dont need to learn these skills because maybe they dont need it as much at underage and can get away with pace etc and then it gets to adult hurling and they have already mastered ball winning and can match us physically…we can’t catch the ball, they destroy us in the air. You need to learn from the best and not be so ignorant. How are they so proficient in the air its coached we need to copy how they do it.

Arguably if they aren’t from the county it’s all about the money, money, money. Also coming in at a very low base now … could be quite attractive

100% disagree. We beat them because we are just better than them at that time. We are playing more hurling at Juvenile level at that age in Dublin. We are playing Colleges and schools and a shit load of club hurling. Then the 17/Minor age level comes along and we start playing way less. Most Kilkenny coaches that we deal with are quite impressed with our Juvenile coaching and structure. I am definitely not ignorant to anything in this regard.

And not for the first time I have pointed this out…many of the skills I guess you are referring to are not coached by club coaches who have access to these players a lot more than development squads.


Regardless of whether we beat them their stick work is always better than ours…first touch, the time it takes to strike the ball from once in the hand(including the number of steps taken), speed of striking…catching etc. What I am saying and maybe you missed the point is our club coaches need to be coached better. A lot of these guys coaching teams in dublin may have played at some level but the chances are in the likes of kilkenny they have played at a decent level and are able to pass down the skills that got them there.


I wouldn’t be a fan of Derek McGrath. I don’t think he’s ever really got the best out of a very talented Waterford squad.

Mind you, I thought GC was a great appointment. .

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i have no idea who would be the best appointment for next manager - but what you want is somebody who respects Dublin Hurling and wants to get the best for Dublin Hurling and is capable of doing it. That is why Daly worked and Cunningham didnt.

the main problem with Dublin Hurling right now is that we are the only top level Hurling County where Football is the biggest Gaelic Game. Up till now this has given the other top level counties a big advantage in numbers at the kids levels starting from 5 years old upwards. They can afford to lose a lot of kids along the way and be sure that those who survive are the best they can get.

That is slowly changing in Dublin with the numbers of kids taking up a hurl, but as has been said, the numbers leaving the hurl down in their late teens and taking up the football is a massive problem which simply does not exist with our competitors. You change that and you change the landscape. Until that changes we will bob along at QF stages we may even get to an odd final with an exceptional team, but that will not stroke the desires of good players who may also be good enough to get onto a minor or under 21 football panel with hopes of being regular Sam Maguire contenders (which because of the super 8’s I think we will be in perpetuity).