Dublin Intermediate All County Championship (IFC AC) 2023

HT Scores

C’knock 1-04
OPER 0-03

Tarf 0-07
TSS 0-02

Mun 1-11
Lucan 0-02

Na Fianna 1-07
TD 0-05

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Vincents 2-06
Brigids 0-03

Boden 1-11
Crokes 2-10

Na Fianna 3-16
TD 1-09

Ballymun 3-18
Lucan 0-09

Oper 0-04
C’Knock 2-09

Judes 0-08
Skerries 1-06


Fair play on the scores.

Skerries beating Jude’s looks a bit of a shock.

Nice one Clubber. Appreciated.

Any score Syls vs Cuala??

A bit tight in the end from skerries but were up 7 points at half time. Down to 13 men for the last 15 but managed to scrape a win.

Will certainly give Kilmacud a rattle

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Syls 1-6 Cuala 4-10

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Ballymun a few ex senior lads playing? Good result

Scanning results spotted something a little bit strange. In some(but not all) of the groups one team got two home matches for r1 & r2, in the ifc Clontarf got this advantage and won both matches, so did Brigids(lost both). Same thing in sfc 2 with Ravens & Mary’s each getting two home games. I thought that maybe this happened because the two r1 winners were fixed to play each other in r2 (and the two losers also to avoid dead rubbers in r3 which with relegation in play does not make sense) but in the ifc group 2 the two winners were not fixed to play each other in r2. Either way its a bit unfair. Not a factor in sfc1 with neutral venues.

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Yeah, luck of the draw unfortunately. Could they look at using the middle round as a nuetral venue across the board?

So say example that IFC Group

Round 1
Clontarf v Ballymun - in Clontarf
TSS v Lucan - In TSS

Round 2
Clontarf v TSS - in Ballymun
Ballymun v Lucan - in Clontarf

Round 3
Lucan v Clontarf - in Lucan
Ballymun v TSS - In Ballymun

Each team has one home, one neutral.and one away, the winning team from each round 1 game is obliged to provide the neutral venue for Round 2. Problem solved and could be implemented across the board

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Good idea to have 1 home 1 away and 1 neutral. Having two home games is already a huge advantage but having your first two games at home is crazy(and another team having their first two away!) and could clearly be avoided, what’s strange is that this has happened in some groups and not in others. You have 4 groups of 4 teams across maybe 12 football championships so almost 50 groups. You would think they would have used a generic fixture sheet for all the groups ie r1-a v b & c v d, r2-b v c & d v a, r3- c v a & d v b. Then the luck of the draw is as teams are pulled out of the hat and they are placed in the a, b, c or d slots. Another thing is that all the finals should be at neutral venues.


I see Lucan gave Clontarf a walkover, seems mad that could happen at intermediate level for a club of their size, one of the last games of football lads would be playing till next year

Second teams can be a nightmare to manage in some clubs lads

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Kilmacud beat Skerries Harps a bit more convincingly in the inters than they did in the Seniors today.


Wins for Castleknock, Ballymun and Vincents (by a point) as well.




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Might have it wrong but is that the lineup for 1/4 ?

Crokes v Ballymun
Clontarf v Boden
Na Fianna v Vincent’s
Castleknock V Cuala

Vincent’s beat Plunketts by a point yesterday I believe, so would be them playing Na Fianna, aside from that looks right to me

Sound. Updated.