Dublin Intermediate Football AC Championship 2021

Inter AC

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Don’t get why there is still byes in this competition… Push up from jfc 1 etc etc and flush the byes out.

And before teams give out about who gets promoted this championship was decided 3/4 years ago.

Should have promoted the two J1 Finalists from last year, byes should be avoided at all costs

Td 1-12 crokes 3-7 very good game of football, not sure refs name but he was excellent

The way forward apparently……




You beat me to it … What is the point of that…

See the score in junior…. Knock 11-28 to 5 against TD

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Isles struggle in Div5, they have no business being in this championship in fairness

Davis are div 5 and crokes are a top div 2 side, nothing between them this or last yr in the semi

Are plunketts not Div 5 also

They are indeed. Alan Brogan togging for them. Ross McConnell too. Their 1st team could have done with them both on Friday.


Legs I’d say are gone for Senior

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Did Paul Brogan play aswel

Not sure tbh. Only heard the 2 other lads were. Played against Paul a few seasons back and let’s just say he wasn’t the same player he was in or around 2011 when he was with the Dubs !


Most likely. Was tongue in cheek. Then again the Seniors could do worse than look at a few of them, going by that scoreline in the Inter.

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Any results from this?

Boden beat Lucan
TD beat Brigids
Plunketts beat Vinnies
Judes beat Ballymun
Skerries beat Erins Isle

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Boden seem to be moving well

Would that be their Div 3 team?

This competition is between Crokes, Boden and Judes.