Dublin Intermediate Football Championship (IFC) 2017

First round fixtures with dates, times & venues

Friday April 21st 2017

IFC Thomas Davis v St Sylvesters Blakestown 19:00

IFC O’Tooles v St Vincents Druimnigh 19:00

Saturday April 22nd 2017

IFC St Brigids v Lucan Sarsfields Blanchardstown IT 16:00

IFC Naomh Fionnbarra v Scoil Ui Chonaill Chanel 17:00

IFC St Finians (S) v Ballyboughal Naul 16:00

IFC St Judes v O’Dwyers Naul 17:30

IFC Ballymun Kickhams v Round Towers (L) Garristown 17:00

IFC Ballyboden St Endas v Naomh Barrog Cloghran 17:00

IFC St Patricks (D) v Garda Balgriffin 16:00

IFC Clanna Gael Fontenoy v Clann Mhuire Balgriffin 17:30

IFC Trinity Gaels v St Margarets Rush 17:00

IFC Craobh Chiarain v St Marks O’Toole Park 19:00

IFC Na Fianna v Erins Isle Blakestown 17:00

Some tasty ties here.
Interesting to see how Brigids line out,
Their senior side play peregrines at half 5 in the same venue as their inter team.
I’ve a feeling the towers lusk and ballymun game will be the top match of the round. Both teams have been very good the past few seasons.

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Does anyone know why Kilmacud don’t have a team lining out in this?

On a related note in 2016 championship they had teams in the following championships:

Junior A
Junior C
Junior D

Where as in 2017 championships they have the following:

Junior C
Junior D

Is this correct?
If so, what happened to the other 2 teams?

Are there byes in this?

http://www.dublingaa.ie/news/football-championship-draws-2017 crokes have a team in the inter championship…maxi crokes have a bye first round of inter

Their IFC team have a bye. Their JFCA team won that championship in 2016 and those players cannot play junior this year.

TD won by 5

Syls very poor. From looking at it,looked like their senior management taking inters too…Maybe they’re concentrating on giving senior champo a good rattle cos from this evenings display there didn’t seem too much effort put in. Almost looked like they were trying to be beaten.

From looking at it the better team won TD also lost players to senior panel and are a league below so can’t use that as an excuse.better team won end of.

Holy jaysus, trying to lose :joy: You’re man must of scored that goal by mistake so :clap::joy:

TD definitely the better team. If anything they could’ve won by more. Just looked like syls were almost disinterested and very passive. Didn’t play at any sort of champo pace at all. No heart or fight for the battle and Davis far more up for it.
My point was the fact that it appeared that the senior management were managing the inters last night. I’d imagine their primary focus is on st Anne’s in senior champo today and that seemed to seep through to the players performances.

Heard boughal beat finians by 5

Lusk beat Ballymun by 5. 1-14 to 0-12.

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Barrog 1:12 Ballyboden 0:14. Good quality game of ball.

Good game. Our penalty miss and the goal chance blasted wide were killers for us. Your 9 was powerful in the middle and was the platform for a lot of your scores. Best of luck in the rest of the championship lads.


Trinity 0-12 St Margarets 1-8. Trinity missed about 4 goals by fair the better team but fair play to Margarets just never gave up

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Cheers Rochey. Yes our number 9 had a very good game. Created a lot and scored a very good goal. A few excellent catches towards the end too.
A very good game to watch.

Finbarrs 5-10 scoil ui chonail 4-10. No shortage of goals in this one

Great wins for finbarrs and garda tonight. Thought scoil be one of the favourites for this.

New manager in barróg this year. I hear their training like an inter county team might be interesting .