Dublin Intermediate Football Championship (IFC) 2019

Leinster 1st rd is weekending 10th nov . 9 weeks . Hurling will be at q/f stage by this weekend .

All Adult Football Championship games have been postponed til week ending 29th September.


According to 2019 regulations it’s 1st v 2nd for q/f and open draw for semis
Bottom placed teams in relegation play offs and 3rd place may be in a shield competition
It also states both finalists promoted and in relegation play offs it’s 2 down to junior

Also its group 1 v group 2 and group 3 v group 4 for quarter finals in all Adult Championships.

Is it only 1 team relegated because of the bye?

Yeah I’d say so it certainly looks that way

Some teams will be 6 wks without competitive game by 29th September through league and champ. Shocking really. Hard to keep lads goin and training up when know there’s no games happening

What’s the QF line up any one known

I think…

Bars v Fins (N)
Scoil v CGF or OT’s (result not up yet)
Pats D v B’boughal

not sure when

Fontenoys won that.

In terms of relegation from looking at the website Clann Mhuire have to play against Mark’s and winner stays up and Finian’s Swords are safe because they’ve been drawn against the bye? From reading the regulations regarding a similar situation over on the junior 1 thread this seems to be the case?

Who’s favorites to win this championship Scoil?

Barrog have form and momentum behind them which could be difficult to stop but scoil league position over last few years would have them up there also.

Scoil and Barrog probably the favourites alright with Barrog edging it for me considering they are unbeaten in all competitions this season. Scoil usually have a lot of dual players and won the Senior B hurling last weekend so they could ride that momentum or lads could be shattered.

Boughal and Barrs won’t be far off either

I think Barrog will do it, would be an incredible achievement doing the League & Championship double if they pull it off.
On top of their hurlers getting promoted too.Great work going on in their club.

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it would make for a serious season for Barrog alright. Do they have many dual players now?

At least a handful

0-6 to 0-4 to Trinity at HT in the Barróg game. Poor standard cagey game. Barróg down to 14-men.