Dublin Intermediate Football Championship (IFC) 2020

Anyone at any of the games Saturday? Who’s looking good who’s not?

Our lads beat Finian’s N by a point after been 6 down at HT. I wasn’t at the game But heard we had a really strong 2nd half …

Finian’s N beat us by a cricket score In the championship last year so quite a turnaround!

Cuala 1-13 Skerries 1-5

Jude’s beat Ballymun well.

Darren Gallagher scorer in chief.

Td scored 2-3 late on to get the win in Malahide, final score 2-12 syls 1-11. A few experienced ex senior lads to the forefront.

Pats beat finians by 1 in the end I think. I left with 2 mins to go and we were 9 up. Rushe was class. Miles ahead of everyone else. Poor performance from both teams really. Lots of bad wides and sloppy errors. Towers drew with clan mhuire in the same group. Pats v towers next

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Rushe played the full hour today against St Finians and was quality in middle of the park

Fair play to him he absolutely drove them on to a very convincing 3 point win

Pat’s won by 3 in the end. Pat’s could’ve kicked on in the first half but few bad wides. Finian’s did well to come back into it and another 5 minutes anything could’ve happened.

Rushe was good I wouldn’t go as far as to say he was miles ahead of everyone else but at that level his conditioning would make a huge difference. Always a lockout option.

Coughlan and McCarthy playing for syls inter, surely they can still play senior

McCarthy definitely could imo. Coughlan has been with that team the last few years. Not sure he’d have the legs for senior anymore.

Probably don’t have the time to commit.

Where do they play him? Two good heads to have on a second team

Coughlan midfield and McCarthy inside when I saw them. Yeah most teams at that level would like a couple of their ilk.

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Are the twins playing this year? Heard weren’t playing yesterday. Good win without them.

Glad to hear pats have turned it around last few years was looking bleak . Fair play to them . Did they get any new players or is it just lads coming through ? Hope they can keep it going now and get hurling back hate to see any club struggle


Think barrog scoil and clan Na Gael the 3 big favourites for inter . 3 really good well conditioned fit teams

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Didn’t get any new lads. Couple of young lads are developing nicely and a couple of older lads have come back in to the squad which has helped. Having Liam available makes a big difference. I’d say we have found our level for the moment anyway. With that current squad we are around div 3 and intermediate standard

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Great to hear well done hope it continues

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They didn’t play yesterday but their younger brother (Adam) was excellent I believe.

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Does Evan Caulfield play for the Clanna Gael Fontenoy senior team? He looked quite promising from the little I’ve seen with the Dublin u-20’s