Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2017

Intermediate Hurling Championship:

Group 1
Ballyboden St Endas
Thomas Davis
Scoil Ui Chonail

Group 2
Naomh Mearnóg
Na Fianna
Kilmacud Crokes
St Vincents
St Peregrines

Didn’t see this one up, so thought I’d get the ball rolling.

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Group 1 is a very tough group.

I’d expect Cuala, Thomas Davis and Kevin’s all to qualify and possibly in that order with the others fighting out for the final spot.

Group 2 you’d expect Pereguins, Na Fianna to qualify anyway.

Apart from Clontarf, Thomas Davis, Scoil, Naomh Mearnog, Fingalians and Peregrines are the rest second and third teams of the other clubs? If that is Cuala’s second team I would give them a very good chance.

Kevins first team too.
Boden, Crokes third teams.
Rest are all second teams.

Boden 2-13
Clontarf 2-10
Clontarf down to 14 after only 10 minutes. They are a very young side. Pacey. Some quality hurlers too.
How did other games go?

Scoil beat Kevin’s by 6

Scoil are unbeaten then I think so far this year in league & championship. Watched one of their games, heard many a country accent. Think they’ve gone down the import route. Convenient location for lads living in North Dublin city centre to get to though in fairness.

Nice new dressing rooms now too!

I think staying alive is a more appropriate term

Thomas Davis beat Cuala on Friday night.

In fairness I think the Scoilchies are less bitter about the Dubs than most …

Scoil beat Boden by 4

Great win for Scoil

Tonights fixtures - my predicitions in bold

Ballyboden V Cuala
Clontarf V Scoil
Kevins V Thomas Davis
Meannog V Na Fianna
Crokes V Vincents
Peregrines V Fingallians

Na Fianna seem to be going very well in this as do Thomas Davis. If Mearnog don’t pick up a win in there last two games I can see them becoming the next Erin’s Isle which would be a shame. Kevins could do with a win too or they are in trouble.

TD 3-18 Kevin’s 1-09

Scoil 3-14 Clontarf 1-11

Some difference between Davis’s league and championship form

I can see Scoil going up to Senior B by the end of the season. They are having a great season up to now

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Kilmacud 4.16
Vincents 2.16