Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2019

St Sylvesters
St Vincents B
Scoil Ui Chonaill
Erins Isle
St Maurs
Naomh Mearnog
Round Towers Clondalkin
Kilmacud Crokes C

3 AHL 2 teams
7 AHL 3 teams
2 AHL 4 teams

Hard to call a favourite this early and hard to rule out any team not having a chance of winning it (unless Parnells cannot field). Towers have a few years experience in Senior B behind them, Maurs are on the up, Syls and Scoil were probably favourites last year and will be improved, Clontarf made the semi finals last season. So this should be a very well matched championship.

Scoil listed in the Senior B Championship also?

In the “proposed” gradings.

Something tells me we might have another Thomas Davis fiasco unfolding here.

Its a mistake. Marks went up Senior B. I imagine there would be a lot of complaints from other clubs in the championship if Scoil were just put up without making the final. Be as bad as Parnells just being thrown up a few years ago

From what I heard Marks requested to stay Inter and if that’s the case I would have thought Towers Clondalkin wouldn’t have been relegated from Senior B.

I also heard this afternoon from a cousin involved in coaching out there that Marks requested to stay in Inter. And it looks like it was accepted.

I wonder is this a first.

Have to say I’m disappointed to hear that.

And surely it can open a can of worms now, any team who made the knockout stages should be eligible to go up as well as Round Towers

What was the TD fiasco?

What’s your predictions? From recollection Marks, Kevin’s and Clontarf came out of their group last yr and they are in with a decent bit of competition this yr. Sylvester’s seemed to underachieve when it came to the championship last year…

Might get messy if Parnells pull out

Marks surprised everyone last year by making the final. They surprised everyone this year by asking to stay down so you would not know what to expect from them.

Towers are probably favourites having come down from senior b. Maurs could give it a good rattle too. Group 2 is probably the tougher

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Isles, Syvestors and Crokes would be my favorites to come out of group 2. Would assume Crokes 2nd team is strong. Peregrines and Parnells (will be interesting to see if Parnells last the season based on recent events) poor last year so I think they’d need a serious turnaround to make an impact. Based on last couple of years Mearnog are a mid table side.

Its Crokes 3rd team. Isles and Sylvesters should improve on last season. Clontarf made the semis last season so can’t rule them out. Can’t really rule anyone out at this stage, unless Parnells can’t field. @parnellshurler would know how they are fixed

Kilmacud third team (there second team made the semi final in senior b)

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Peregrines new coach , last year a lot of injuries at championship time I’d be expecting a much better showing this time round , will have an idea where we’re at after Sunday facing Castleknock

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Towers And isles or peregrines to top the groups. Can’t see any other winners bar towers to be honest. They ll be a bit stronger with young O’Neill I think he name is, Dublin minor centre back last year. Presuming that is if they play him during championship, but they still have enough to win it. They were Missing several key players last year for a few months.

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I didn’t see them down for AHL2. Either I missed them or their AHL3 team are in Senior B etc?

Yes last years form was a big surprise. Think ye had a few key players injured for a period also?

Crokes B team are AHL3 and Senior B

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