Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2020


Its up now

Looking like Maurs will be a bit ahead of the rest in this, have hammerred last years winners and runners up in tge first 2 league games

Previously this championship didn’t really get interesting until July and that’s only if the games aren’t dead rubbers. Quarter finals is when it gets interesting. However with the way group one is stacked I can see one of the favourites not making it out of the group.

Maurs have had a fantastic start to the league but another month before this championship starts so a lot can happen in that time

Getting way ahead here but we can assume that if Intercounty championships go to straight knockout that club will follow suite. Senior A has 16 teams which is perfect, but Senior B, Inter, Junior A etc have 12 teams which leads to an awkward set up if it goes knockout. Any ideas how they can set up with just 12 teams or would it be an idea to change the championships to make 16 in each? Can that be done after the draws for competitions have been made?

I recall a few years back when the championship round robins could not be completed two losing semi finalists from previous years championships were put straight into the quarter finals but i cannot remember how many teams were in each championship.

Again self isolation has the brain acting in strange ways hence the shite talk

In this instance Crokes and Isles wasnt ut besten in the semis last year, so say they go to the quarters…Would they be happy for an opponent to have had a championship game under thete belt before plsying them??

Its an awkward one. Cant see groups being playable. Cant see potential winners of junior put up inter to make up the numbers…

Maybe 6 games 6 winners and 2 best losers (score difference) into quarters :smile:

4 preliminary games to knock out 4 teams leaving 8 then 4 quarterfinals

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Then comes the problem of who plays the prelims and who goes through to the quarters

No problem, scratch the previous draws, put the names in a hat and draw again. First 8 out play in preliminary rounds.

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Yes but why would the 4 not drawn in the prelim be happy that the opponent in the quarters have a full blooded game under there belt before the quarters after months without a game tgats a big advantage to the team with the prelim game under the belt …the prelim is the obvious thing but very unfair on the 4 with a bye in my view anyway

maybe 6 - 1st round matches , 6 v 6

the winners play for the championship proper then 2 get bye to the semi 2 qfs

the 6 losers in the 1st round play off in a similar fasion for a ,shield competition - maybe call the competitions after the old hurling cups & award the old hurling cups to the winner i.e. corn fogarty, ,millar shield etc

Could change it to 4 groups of 3 rather than 2 groups of 6.

Each team gets a game home and away. Play the group games in one week - maybe Monday night, Thursday night and Sunday. Obviously depends on floodlights.

Either (I) top 2 into quarter final or (II) top team straight to semi final.

If the League is scraped and Inter-County is trimmed or knock out and Dublin Hurlers out early I could see a situation where maybe a full compressed Championship could be run of

Plenty of ifs but let’s see

Obviously speculating here but this championship cannot be run off in its current format unless they are planning on fitting 8 games into 5 weeks. If they are planning two games per week you would have to feel sorry for dual players if football also has two games per week.

What options are there? 4 groups of 3. Top team in each group into Semi Finals.

For the season thats in it the could just play a Feile style competition over one or two weekends and get it out of the way

Easiest option would be as you said 4 groups of 3.

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Feile style competition would attract way too much attention and crowds which would not be desirable.

I suspect a 4 X 3 structure is most likely

I wasn’t actually being serious about a Feile

I read your post , and went no way is he posting that , had to be tongue in cheek

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haha mad times, ya don’t know what people are thinking

The sad thing is that even if a few rounds are played if there is a flare up of the virus in any team / club the whole thing will likely be canned


4 x 3 makes sense , top team to the semi’s , perhaps time to scrap the leagues for 2020 and reintroduce the cups ( knock out format). 1st round before the championship

this is the reality of it , suspect some team somewhere will be hit was a case and wtf happens then