Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2021

So who are the favourites here when we get going again? As with other years I would say this one is up for grabs from one of 4/5 teams, mainly the Fingal clubs.

This the correct line up for 2021?

Intermediate HC

Erins Isle
Kilmacud Crokes
Naomh Mearnog
Naomh Olaf
St Brigids
St Judes
St Marks
St Maurs
St Sylvesters
St Vincents

Not sure it is finalised fully yet but presuming Pats request to drop down goes through and then Brigids 2nd team (Junior A winners 2020) are brought up even though there was not meant to be promotion from Junior A last year then this list looks right to me.

Going off the 2020 Championship, I think the winner will probably come from Mearnóg
Fingallians, Maurs or maybe Sylvesters. Would also never rule out Crokes given the huge numbers at their disposal.

I think the level of competition at this level now is too much for a third team like Crokes to win it. They will continue to make the final stages etc. but not win it. Their second team has a greater chance of winning the Senior B again IMO.

Fingallians, Maurs, Mearnóg, Sylvesters, my preferred teams also but would throw Isles in there too.

@sneakersotoole Isles got anything good coming through from last year?

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Think isles put a fair bit of work into the kids a few years ago and hopefully it should start paying dividends in next couple years. Fair play to them