Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2021

Yeah you would be right there

Probably wasn’t a 7 point game but Olaf’s full value for their win

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Based on the new rule of winners playing each other in round 2 there are some tasty ties ahead, incl.

Erins Isle vs.Olafs
Mearnog vs. Fingallians (last years Final)
Vinnies 2nd team vs. Judes 2nd team

Are they going with that option for Inter Champo?

For most grades I think


Did you not call Crokes to beat Jude’s also

Oh yeah, 4 out of 6 right so
Will aim for 5 out of 6 next round

Just give me a call if you need help with that
1 right in 5 years


Next round, Olafs vs. Isles and Mearnog vs Fingallians my two picks for close competitive games

Agree two crackers I wouldn’t be able to split them , maybe home advantage ? but I really like Isles so total guess work

Yes home advantage to just swing it for both I reckon

I will go for wins for Olafs and Mearnog just about
Syls to beat Kevins well away
Brigids to beat Marks by a few
Judes Vinnies and Maurs Crokes I can’t call so will say draws

I’ll agree re Olaf’s and mearnogs, can see 2 cracking games there
Syls to beat Kevin’s and Brigids to beat marks
In the other group, Ill go for wins for Vinnies and Crokes

Was leaning towards them also. In recent years Maurs would be shoe-ins to beat Crokes 3rd team but their form is very poor this year, they are definitely missing some key players or management has changed possibly.

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Eoghan Conroy unavailable to Maurs at present through injury I was reading in the paper, no wonder their scoring rates have dropped so much


Big loss.

IHC Round-Up from Round 1

Fingallians started with a 1-18 - 1-9 win over St Brigids.

Fingallians scorers: Gordon Rodgers 0-8 (0-6f), Darragh Power 0-6, Ben Stears 1-1, Sean Hickey and Shane Howard 0-1 each

Olafs started with a win over St Sylvesters. Ciaran Foley, Eoin Foley and Donal Leavy all getting on the scoresheet.

Fingallians threw that away. Conceded 1-4 in the last 5 minutes to lose by 3 according to their updates.

Its been a good few weeks in both codes for Erin’s Isle.

Jude’s beat Vinnie’s by 5 or 6 I heard

Was at Mearnóg game, a cracker


Isles beat olafs well