Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2022

Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2021

How does the format work, does three or two go through from each group?

Go Ahead Intermediate Hurling Championship Group 1
St Vincents v St Maurs Pairc Na Uinsionn 7/20/22 19:15
St Sylvesters v Round Towers (C) Broomfield 7/20/22 19:15
St Brigids v Bye
Round Towers (C) v St Brigids Monastery Road 7/23/22 18:30
St Sylvesters v St Maurs Broomfield 7/23/22 18:30
Bye v St Vincents
St Maurs v Round Towers (C) Rush 8/13/22 18:30
St Sylvesters v Bye
St Brigids v St Vincents Russell Park 8/13/22 18:30
St Vincents v St Sylvesters Pairc Na Uinsionn 8/27/22 18:00
St Maurs v St Brigids Rush 8/27/22 18:00
Bye v Round Towers (C)
Round Towers (C) v St Vincents Monastery Road 9/10/22 18:00
St Brigids v St Sylvesters Russell Park 9/10/22 18:00
St Maurs v Bye
Go Ahead Intermediate Hurling Championship Group 2
St Judes v Fingallians Tymon Park 7/20/22 19:15
Naomh Mearnog v Clanna Gael-Fontenoy Portmarnock 7/20/22 19:15
Ballyboden St Endas v Bye
Clanna Gael-Fontenoy v Ballyboden St Endas Sean Moore Park 7/23/22 18:30
Naomh Mearnog v Fingallians Portmarnock 7/23/22 18:30
Bye v St Judes
Fingallians v Clanna Gael Fontenoy Lawless Park 8/13/22 18:30
Naomh Mearnog v Bye
Ballyboden St Endas v St Judes Sancta Maria 8/13/22 18:30
St Judes v Naomh Mearnog Tymon Park 8/27/22 18:00
Fingallians v Ballyboden St Endas Lawless Park 8/27/22 18:00
Bye v Clanna Gael-Fontenoy
Clanna Gael-Fontenoy v St Judes Sean Moore Park 9/11/22 18:00
Ballyboden St Endas v Naomh Mearnog Sancta Maria 9/11/22 18:00
Fingallians v Bye

Three to go through from each group

Winners go to semi final
2 x QFs, 2nd vs 3rd from each group

Some good games next week

Syls vs Towers probably the pick of the Weds games

Mearnog vs Fins on Saturday could be a cracker. Mearnog not gone great in the league but these 2 have had some great battles in this championship over last few years
Syls vs Maurs should be a good one too

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Towers aren’t what they uses to be, wouldn’t be surprised to see Syls win that by 6+

Fins have the upper hand on Mearnóg since the 2020 final and will be favourites for the champo in my opinion

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Isles not in this?

Senior 3

I’d agree there. Saw Fins a couple of times already this year and they impressed me, league form was very good in a competitive division 3 and despite not making the playoff, deserve the favourites tag

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Maurs, Fins & Mearnogs very impressive in League. Can see Fins winning this.

Ryan O’Dwyer still managing Fins?

No, not sure where he is gone

Believe there is a fella from Kilcormac with them now


Hardy boys them Kilkormac lads

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Think this will be a North County top 4. Fingallians, Syls, Mearnog and Maurs for the semis. Fingallians probably favourites having won it easily last year

At Syls game, former Dublin minor panellist Joe Murray is lighting it up, 3 goals so far


Judes 0.05 Fins5.28


Was he the goalkeeper a few years ago? Think he played in goal when Towers won the intermediate in 2019. He had a super first half tonight, good in the air, direct and speedy and a sweet striker of the ball. Got 3 excellent goals

Was a good entertaining game I thought. I’m sure our lads will feel they need to lower the wide count but will be happy to get the 2 points


Crikey that’s some scoring

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Whats the story with the Judes result? Are they missing a few ? Fins are very good but didnt expect that hammering.