Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship (IHC) 2023

Round Towers 1-13 Boden 2-18



I expected Crumlin to be closer to Maurs. Thought they might win truth being told. Anyone at it ? Was it as one sided as score suggests?

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It was already known Vincents 2 would top group 1 but Maurs big win over Crumlin gets them a quarterfinal spot.

Likewise in group 2 with Fins already being group winners but they desperately just needed to get a game after a long break. The win over Lucan 2 didn’t change much as Lucan still into the quarterfinals.

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So Vincents and Fingallians straight through to semis.

So 1/4 Finals are:

  • Commercials v Maurs
  • Crokes 2 v Lucan
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Crokes 3rds v Lucan 2nds

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Score was 2-8 to 1-8 at half time I believe crumlin looked to have a panel of about 16/17 a few players sustained injuries and with no one to replace them the game got away from them


Yeah heard there was injurys sustained against bridgids maybe if the games where switched dates they could have copped better