Dublin Junior 1 Championship 2022

Group 1
St. James Gaels
Na Gael Oga

Group 2
Craobh Chiarain
St. Monicas

Group 3
Man O War
Ballyfermot De La Salle
St Finians (S)
Stars of Erin

Group 4
Civil Service
Ranelagh Gaels

Interesting enough groups.

Is that Shankill from Division 10?

Will Chiarans tog out for the championship this year? If they do, I would reckon they are early favorites!

Yep thats their D10 team , some ask to play 2 D5s and very good D6 team

Anyone to hazard a guess at predicting who will get through?

Group 1
Crumlin and James Gaels

Group 2
Monicas and Craobh Chiaran (innisfails with a chance if they got their house in order)

Group 3
Man O War and Finians? Tight group

Group 4
Garristown and Civil Service

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Think those predictions should be fairly spot on

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O’Dwyers won this championship in 2020, beating Monica’s in the final They also (well) beat Monica’s in the groups stages in 2021. I don’t know why you are discounting them.


Yeah, Group 2 seems to be the toughest group by a mile.

1.Crumlin 2. SJG
2.CC 2. O’Dwyers
3.Finians 2. Man O War
4.Garristown 2. Civil Service

None of the Divsion 4/5/6 teams setting the word alight in league . Will be interesting to see if Garristown and St James Gael can challenge. Weaker championship than previous years.

Craobh have been poxy with football the last few years and mid table division 7 now. Unless they have senior hurling lads playing come championship i don’t know how anyone could have them favourites for this

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Finalists 4 years ago, and won it 3 years ago.

Did not fancy it up in Inter, if they take any sort of interest in it this year they will be in with a shout.

Very hard to just flick a switch when you fancy it! Especially at championship time


It is, but they will always have a couple of good footballers. If they have a lot of their senior hurlers playing, they will also have a higher level of fitness.

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I’d still fancy a well drilled team with a system of play in place than a group of lads that don’t play together all the time. I might be wrong but time will tell


i take it that it is 2 up 2 down now… Shankill got to junior 2 final last year so deserve to be here apparently… just mad to see when Wanderers are still in Junior 2 but no promotion in 2020 is likely to do with that

Wide open championship this year… Group 2 looks to be the hardest one to predict. Monica’s, O’Dwyers and Chiarains will fancy themselves for that top spot. Did Chiarains field in the Inter Champo last year? Interesting to see if their hurlers tog out for them in the group games.

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Would have to agree there. An average but well drilled team will beat an unorganised bunch no matter how fit or good, especially in this championship where a lot of teams would be of similar standard football wise. If a system is in place then it will be difficult to break down. Have to wait and see who has the best system in place!


Shankill’s form in both league and championship over the last 2 and a half years has been superb. A form team playing well with a solid structure and scoring highly regularly is always in with a shout at Junior level.


Best of luck to them, colossal jump to playing Div 4 and 5 teams though.

SJG playing in div 7 but by all accounts going well and look primed to be playing div 6 football next year. Credit and best of luck to Shankill, div 10 team in Junior 1 championship. If they are there, they have as much a chance to win as any if they organise themselves well enough.

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Ballyfermot would b my favs