Dublin Junior 1 Football Championship (JFC1) 2023

Hopefully can regroup and go again, do you go straight to Junior 2 or do you have a play off

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Just looking at the master fixtures list and the Leinster Junior QF is fixed for two weeks after the final (i.e. when the final would be re-fixed for if all the games are pushed back 2 weeks). Does that mean we would concede Dublin’s place in the Leinster?

Pretty sure it was moved to accommodate Dublin last year as there was also a replay in the final

I see the MOW AND ODwyers fixture is gone off the Dublin GAA website , does anyone know if it Will be played or are they leaving the tables as it is ??

Looks like it’s back up! Should be a good game, winner gets Brendan’s & Loser gets Craobh (both tough games for a Q/F )


Are the unaffected quarters foing ahead too?

Yep, Marks V Ranelagh & SJG v civil service both going ahead Sunday morning!

Playoff should be a good between Odwyers & MOW, either side well capable of winning the championship outright

Just thinking ahead with all that rain over the weekend, today and forecast for during the week, what happens if a pitch is unplayable?

Do the home team have to nominate a new pitch, concede home advantage or is the game just postponed and refixed?

Opposition get first dibs before postponement as far as I know, prior to that the home team can choose were ever they want , at least that’s my understanding

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What’s the weekend predictions?

All pitches to be unplayable :rofl:


Presumably if a host of fixtures are threatened they’ll just blanket postpone (except S1 and S2) the games and pick up the Qtr Finals again 8th October?

Madness to do a blanket call off when so many clubs have access to All Weather pitches


Forecast looks alright for the weekend. What are Marks and SJG pitches like - should be fine by Sunday? Home wins I’d guess and a four week wait for a semi!

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four week wait for a semi!

Ah leave Daddyo out if this


Shankill conceded their relegation play off


That’s very surprising, personally I’d have fancied them over Ballyer in the playoff

That’s bizarre. They won every league game this year until the the last one that didn’t matter to a dodgy Portobello side. Then they just throw away their Junior 1 champo status after what sounded like two decent showings the first couple of rounds. What’s going on @Seanchill?

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Looking for an easy champo win next year, shameful stuff

Id love for someone to dispute that , could be stuff we are not aware of , but at first look doesn’t look good