Dublin Junior 2 All County Championship (JFC2 AC) 2023

Annes 0-9
Judes 2-15

Mearnog and Vincent’s drew. Enjoyable game to watch.

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Castleknock beat boden
4-07 to 0-07

Judes very good

Ballymun beat Peregrines 2-11 to 0-9

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Barrog 1-07 RTL 0-11

Judes beat Ballymun by 9

Boden 1-9
Vins 0-13

I heard that Peregrines have given a walkover to Judes next Sunday. Is that Peregrines lowest team?

RTL beat Brigids well to top group 2, with 3 wins.

Judes beat TSS by 2 in the quarters

Olaf’s, Jude’s, Castleknock and Vins in the semis. Is the draw done or is it open draw?

Olafs division 5, the other three are division 7.

Olafs to lose

We drew with vins and ran castleknock close til last 5? Judes a good side but anyones to win