Dublin Junior 2 Championship 2022

Group 1
St. Colmcilles
Rosmini Gaels
Erin Go Bragh
Robert Emmetts

Group 2
St. Josephs OCB
Beann Eadair
St. Kevins Killians
Na Gael Aeracha
Croi Ro Naofa
Bank of Ireland

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How have Na Gael Aeracha ended up in the Junior 2 championship :neutral_face:

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Is it a championship for one adult team clubs?

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Oh that could be it yeah. Harsh on them though. First season and taking some hammerings in Div 11N. Some decent sides in this

Yeah no other avenue for em. Whats the story with the group sizes? Month gap between group a and b finishing on hill16?

Yeah group sizes are strange!

Beann Eadair are my pick to win this

Wanderers should go close too. Seem to have found a bit of form towards the end of the league

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Yeah group sizes are mental considering every other cship is 4x4. First round of group games starting on 7th Aug, last round in Group 1 is 30th Oct… Madness! Also in Group 1 whichever team has the Bye in each round has effectively a month between games.

Presume considering last group games are 30th Oct that it’ll just be top 2 from each side into Semis?

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Jesus a Bye in there too hahah. Makes no sense!

I would say Portobello will fancy their chances in this having had a strong league campaign. Other dangers are probably Erin Go Bragh, Bean Eadair and Bank of Ireland if they can manage to get a side back together. Wanderers should be strong but hard to turn around such poor league form and seem destined to be stuck down in this one for a while.

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If there’s an odd number of teams in a group you need a “bye” for them to be scheduled against when they’ve a game week off.


They have to start somewhere. Their results seemed to improve generally. I hope they continue to go with it.

Yeah of course they have to start somewhere but i doubt it’s normally in the 2nd highest junior championship. Hope they keep going anyway reports from lads in Div 11 was that they had improved alright

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the whole point of the new structure is every club has a direct route to senior football other than through league promotions. It means if you are a one / two team club (i.e. not a superclub which has it’s own route to sneior / intermediate football) in a lower division and have a crop of young lads coming through you can hold onto them for a couple of years while trying to get promotion to Junior 1 or intermediate rather than them having to leave because you’d need 7 to 10 years to get to intermediate otherwise.

It’s a great move.

It does mean one team clubs will play against teams better than them unless until they have that decent crop coming through / in at the same time, like Shankill had the last 2 years and this year, and Gers the last few years also which has culminated in them getting to intermediate and playing great stuff in the league this year.

Even though we ultimately got battered by SKK last year, we still got 2 wins against opposition a few divisions up, and lots of people on here gave us no chance at all going against anyone into the championship. We had a slightly stronger squad last year than this year after we’ve picked up a lot of injuries and lads away, but we’ll give it as good a bash as we can!!!


Fair play Bobo! Good attitude to have and another year where you have a great chance at some Division 6,7,8 scalps

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I see croi ro naofa gave a walkover. Why and when did they give it?
One team less in this champo would have made it a bit more condensed so lads still arent playin in November.

St josephs ocb also gave walkover in that group.
So a 4 team group and a 7 team group.

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I’m sure clubs have done all they can to try field a team but can’ t for whatever reason.

But something needs to be done. Keeping players going for four weeks between matches in summer is scandalous. Same last year in this Championship too .

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Is there no fines/ punishment for walkovers?

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think i heard that they are allowed concede 1 at this level, but could be wrong… dont fully agree but guess it is to get games for teams wherever they can, primarily small 1 team clubs here that may not have underage structures, too many injuries or a wedding/stag on a weekend would render them unable to field