Dublin Junior 2 Football Championship 2021

Junior 2


What’s the format after the group stage? Winner of each group straight through to final or will there be semi finals?

With the greatest of respect. Why are Croi in this championship?

I believe this is the lowest level for club’s 1st teams in the championship.

it is the best way of seeing exactly what level clubs are at rather than playing against super clubs 4th/5th team that could be stacked with their junior A subs just to win a handy championship.

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4 teams from a group of 5 going through is a bit much for me.

How many teams per group are going through?

Surely not 4 per section?

Where did you see/hear this Porto?

Definitely going to be something unusual about this championship. Group games are going on until Nov 7th, but the proposed calendar said Junior semi-finals would be on Nov 7th, with Junior finals on Nov 21st.

It surely isn’t possible that 4 teams go through from these groups. Presumably it is top two teams from each group through to the semi-finals, but I wonder is it possible that only the top team from each group goes straight through to the final?

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Whatever it is, Bye look like they’ve a great chance of success.


They were intermediate 2 years ago? :wink:


They lost a few from the panel due to Covid. I don’t see them doing too well :stuck_out_tongue:

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Does anyone have any clarity on how progress from these groups will work?

Top two through to a semi.

Where are seeing that? I’m not doubting you, and I’m sure you’re correct. It’s just weird that it isn’t printed anywhere on the Dublin GAA website

Also, does anyone know if there are shields/cups for teams that don’t get out of the group stages? (that question is moreso for the other Junior Championships, as they have less group games)

My understanding is that it is top two into a semi, top of one plays second of the other, winners into final. Promotion is in place for Championship this year.

No shield/Cups at the end as far as I am aware, season is over after group games unless you make semi final.

Ah yes, I forgot that promotion/relegation was back for the championships. Not possible to have shields/cups when there will be relegation playoffs for the teams that finish bottom

Maybe in the junior 6 champo we can save the shield :sunglasses:

To be fair, this is essentially Junior 6 :zipper_mouth_face:

It’s a fuckin shambles having a div 6 team In a championship against 10/11 teams.
Best some can hope for realisticly is to get out of groups.
Stupid layout of a championship.