Dublin Junior 2 Football Championship (JFC2) 2023

St Kevin’s should win it but I think Portabello will give them a good run

Summer and Spring Portobello could be very different teams .

Are the Rafferty lads playing for Kevin’s / Killian’s ??

Very very disappointingly had to concede the game today against SKK at late notice, I know how infuriating this is for everyone but we were left with no choice as late work pull outs from an already depleted squad (22 out due to family holidays, covid and a funeral today) just meant we couldn’t do it, even though we had 15 last night and were hoping to at least fulfil the fixture.

This was after spending a chunk getting the grass recut and pitch relined out of schedule yesterday, and also having to pay the ref for both teams and an expected resulting fine from the DCB, so this is not something we’re happy with all and was not done for convenience or in any way lightly.

With families back from holidays for the start of the school year we wouldn’t expect a similar problem for the remaining games so I just want to apologise to the other teams in the group for not being able to fulfil this game.

We’ll look at it again at the end of the season but even at this point I’m not sure games in early august are the best idea, this is when the traditional break was and was there for a reason. Still no excuse as with a squad of over 40 we should have been able to field, but it was always going to be a stretch, and if there was a vote on reintroducing the august break I know what way we’d be voting!


Bank of Ireland beat Robert Emmett’s by 2

Portobello beat EGB 5-9 to 0-7

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In just their 2nd season as a club Na Gael Aeracha got very close to picking up a first championship win but just fell short by a point to St. Joseph/OCB 3-5 - 0-13


Croì Rò Naofa received a walkover from Rosmini Gaels


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Delighted for Joeys
One of Dublins oldest clubs, struggled in the league and have been for a couple of seasons
Hopefully they can drive on from here,
Much easier side of the draw too
Well done lads :clap:

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Keep her lit Bobo :muscle:t2:


There has been a load of date and time changes to J2, J4 County etc.
Does anyone know if this is real or a mistake??

It’s real. Email circulated to clubs after meeting last night

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Ok thanks.

Would expect KK to win this championship.

Matty was playing wing back the day saw them play. Not sure if was Alex was playing.

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Based on league form they should be well ahead of the other teams

It’s real. You make plans based on the calendar and then this shit happens. I expect numerous walk overs next week

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What was the rationale in changing them at this stage? Let’s hope for Round 3 and Knockout they make the fixtures and keep them as they are.

I appreciate it will become easier as teams get knocked out etc.

Heard of a few teams already looking through revert to the original Sunday fixture as players / management had made plans already.

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No issue in refixing it if both teams are ok ( plus the ref ) I’m sure most will accommodate that

Co board very rarely change championship fixtures for clubs…

Friday nights are decent for a game as you have the whole weekend free then. But i can see the frustration too with the change being made with short notice

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