Dublin Junior 2 Football Championship (JFC2) 2023

All conceded

Are portobello in trouble in the hurling also?

Can’t say I’m one bit surprised if so.

Their team sheet bounced?

Nice video on Cabinteely GAA here.


I knew you were Richard Boyd Barrett @Bobo


No suprizes on porto there. There were always notorious for playing bangers who had no club games at home the weekends.

Richard was one of 3 players who were our first to be called up for dublin, so he was actually a decent player! He never really talks about his gaelic as a kid so youd never know it otherwise, hes not one to boast!

The other 2 from memory called up at the same time were conor hoey (who went on to have a superb cricket career and was an excellent AIL player in his day for a very good old wesley side) and eunan boylan (who was juvenile chairman of ballina stephenites up to quite recently I think)!

That video was great craic, they filmed it around 9 months ago and I was sweating it wasnt going to get finished before the aig sponsorship was up, but thankfully they got it done. Conor talty from raheny produced it and did a great job :grinning:


I actually came across an old copy of the Evening Press recently in which there was a report about Richard Boyd Barrett playing for the Dublin under 14 team. Going by that account he was a useful player.

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Played wide on the left. Good at keeping opponents locked up.


Any results from this?

Naomh Colmcille 2-7 Na Gaeil Aeacha 0-7

Think that’s St Colmcilles”s first win
Good to see them sticking at it and not taking the easy way out with w/o :clap:


The win also puts them in the mix for a semifinal spot if they beat Croi in their final group game.

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Thanks pal it’s been a trying year for sure but we keep at it and keep the team going.

Was an emotional day for the club as a great club man and person passed away yesterday so this one we had to win and I’m so glad we could do it for him.

Also heard there was a suspected cardiac arrest at the Joeys croi game. Heard he was sitting up in hospital and wish him a speedy recovery :pray:


Admirable bunch


That’s very tough to hear, beat wishes to him in making a recovery from everyone at the club

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