Dublin Junior 3 All County Football Championship (JFC3 AC) 2023

No byes or walk overs. great to see hopefully some good competitve games in store

It looks like Peregrines have withdrawn unfortunately.

What divisions would most of these teams be coming from? Best guess below

Group 1
Judes - Div 9
Whitehall - Div 10
Na Fianna - 7
Clontarf - Div 8

Group 2
Raheny - Div 8
Finbarrs - Div 8
Syls - Div 7
Olafs - Div 8

Group 3
Finians S - Div 8
Peregrines - Div 9
Crokes - Div 8
Parnells - Div 8

Group 4
Vinnies - Div 7
Scoil - Div 7
Boughal - Div 8
Maggies - Div 6

Big spread of leagues here if thats accurate

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Scoil beat Vincent’s by 3

Judes beat Whitehall in Group 1 this morning

I think its Judes Div 9 team . They have a team from AFL 10 South in Junior 4

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Judes division 7 team is in the junior 2 all county

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Surely Mags D6 team are hot favourites for this

St. Judes beat Na Fianna 2-11 to 4 points today up in Judes

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Round 2 Results

Group 1
Whitehall 2-04
Clontarf 2-11

Judes 2-11
Na Fianna 0-04

Group 2
Finbarrs 1-10
Olafs 2-12

Raheny 0-05
Syls 5-09

Group 3
Crokes received a Walkover from Peregrines

Finians S 0-07
Parnells 17-17 (has to be a typo?!)

Group 4
Scoil 2-13
Maggies 2-09

Vins 2-08
Boughal 2-06

Not a typo - spoke to a st Finians player and parnells were willing to stop the game 10 minutes into halftime but both teams decided to see the game out. Parnells seem to have a strong team & all players training with seniors I was told

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What division is that parnells team?
Outrageous score to put up

Finished 5th in Div 8 i think

I don’t think their seniors have played a championship game this season yet so a lot of their first team players would still be eligible

Of the 8 games only one within a score at the final whistles?

Would it be better to have League based championships?


Surely they wouldnt put out there senior players for this game and risk any injury would they?

There’s no way they didn’t play lads from there senior team … they might be eligible yes some of them might be but 100% lads were given run outs for match fitness due to lack of game time for seniors bad time to play nells at junior :rofl:

Finians did not see that coming :see_no_evil: that results could mean there champo season is over

Well according to some people lads are dying to finish playing for the year. :sweat_smile: