Dublin Junior 4 All County Football Championship (JFC4 AC) 2023

Any result from Cuala v Castleknock?

Castleknock must have won as they are playing St Pats next . And Pats beat Crokes in other game

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Castleknock beat Cuala fairly well

Was it always the plan for this to be moved to Sunday afternoons after round 1 ?

We were informed all games were on friday nights. We will struggle to get lads to tog sunday afternoons.


I know from chatting to the lads at home in Dublin, the Friday nights are the preference!


Judes 1-10
Lucan 1-9

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Good score put up by Clann, @Clann the stag is over anyway!

Clann is from Clann na Gael not Clann Mhuire

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Have you the score from the Brigids v Marks game @Ford95?

Being played tomorrow. Marks were in difficulty on Friday when the fixture was changed at late notice . Brigids facilitated the request to move back to Sunday


Brigids beat Marks

And CCC allowed this change ?

I’m not privy to any decision the CCC made / make, but in this instance, I think the CCC backed themselves into a corner changing the fixtures at a weeks notice.

Especially at these levels, there’s plenty of family men and workers etc who would’ve seen the game and was Sunday and then at a weeks notice they’re changed to 6:45pm on a Friday. Marks I heard from the lads at home had their golf classic the Friday and to their credit wanted to field a team. They showed more honour than a lot of clubs would. Good on them. A proper club. Would’ve been easier to give a W/O and mess the whole thing up for everyone.

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Why wouldn’t they. As far as i know a game can be moved with consent of both clubs as long as it is played within 3/4 days of the original fixture date.

Did Castleknock not win this championship last year? And thereby should be in the junior 3?

Castleknock won All County 3 last year

This is the team that lost the Junior 5 final in 2021 against Kilmacud. They play in AFL 10

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Who would be tipped to win this championship?

Pats being up near the top of Div 8 would likely be favs based off league position. Championship is always different though

Judes I’d say