Dublin Junior 5 Football (JFC5) Championship

Junior 5 championship

Group One

St Patricks (P)
Naomh Mearnog
St Judes
Good Counsel Liffey Gaels

Group Two

Lucan Sarsfields
Geraldine Patrick Morans
St Sylvesters
St Brendans

Group Three

Naomh Barrog
Ballyboden St Endas
St Marks

Group Four

Kilmacud Crokes
Clanna Gael Fontenoy
St Brigids
Clann Mhuire


Is that the AFL11 Judes team? Should be favourites if so

Yeah they won 6 last year

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You never know. Tough group for the Boden hurlers this year. An early exit could see another super team come into the fray here :rofl:


Am I right in saying there are 3/4 of last years semi finalists in group 4 ?

That happened us last season. We were drawn with 3 of the 4 semi finalists. Wasnt a fun group

Looks like Jude’s are off to a great start already, GC/LG have pulled out of this championship, likely amalgamating their AFL7 and AFL11S teams for JFC6S.


No 2 of last years semi finalists in Group 4. Crokes beat Brigids in semi final. In the same group there are 3 of the last 4 finalists over the last 2 years though

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Are Castleknock now gone from this Div 5 champo ? Seems that have been pulled up ? ?

Yeah Castleknock got promoted because they got to Championship final last year . Crokes meant to go up but already have a team in that Championship so couldnt go up

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Naomh Barróg 2-12 Ballyboden St Endas 0-08

Clann Mhuire beat Brigids by 7

No laughing out of pats now great win for Mearnog’s


Do tell😁

Yeah do tell???

Amazing how they pulled a team out of nowhere for championship :thinking: Few bodies out for their first team last night that were conspicuous from their absence all year… not young fellas either… hurlers maybe?

They lost🤔 surely AFL3 plyaers would win at this level

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In Junior 5 . Not a hope . Judes are in this championship if you didn’t know

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Trust me we had no players playing today who played any afl 3 or frankly that would come close to playing. If you were at the match you would know that. We lost to a team a league below us and we are getting accused of stacking our team

I wasn’t implying you played AFL3 players in Junior Championship, I was referring to the fact that you entered a team in AFL9, pulled it, but miraculously have a team at that level come championship.

With regards to the extra bodies I was talking about your Inter team, whom I’ve watched several times this year, and noted there were plenty of able ballers who’d been absent from previous games.