Dublin Junior 6 Football Championship North (JFC6N) 2023

Draw made last night. 2 byes which makes it a bit shit but here we are.

I’m open to correction on the leagues but i think its close enough. Trinity Gaels the highest ranked team so should be early favourites.

Group 1
Craobh Chiaran (AFL 11N)
St Sylvesters
Man O War (AFL 11N)

Group 2
Fingallians (AFL 11N)
Round Towers Lusk (AFL 10N)
Naomh Mearnog (AFL 10N)
Ballymun Kickhams (AFL 11N)

Group 3
Trinity Gaels (AFL 9)
St Maurs (AFL 11N)
Fingal Ravens (AFL 10N)
Na Fianna (AFL 11N)

Group 4
O’Dwyers (AFL 10N)
St Brigids (AFL 10S)
St Oliver Plunketts ER (AFL 11N)

Surprised to see Naomh Mearnog in this Championship . They made the semi final in Junior 5 3 years ago i think.

Also i dont know if that Sylvesters team is in AFL 10. The AFL 10 team have been in Junior 5 the last few years and they have a team in that Championship this year again

They’ve no team in Div 11 so it has to be the 10 team. Their next team is in 7 so it’s definitely not them.

Maybe they are entering an extra team for championship?

Their AFL 7 team is Junior 3 i think .

Judes seem to be entering another team in Junior 6 South so possibly Sylvesters doing similar as @Junior_D mentioned

Yeah looks like it. They’ve only 4 league teams and 5 championship

Yep, did the same last year

Is that goin to be the Judes ex senior lads that thought they were deadly winning a pub champo? Great to see them gettin poxed about in div 9 now

That Judes team are AFL 10 South . And should be Junior 4 Championship as they won Junior 5 last year

think they bunny hopped to 9, thats my understanding

You’ve been misinformed. The galacticos hammered our Div 10 team last week in Div 10. The Div 9 team are a different side


fcuk them all the same

Tell us how you really feel

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Won Junior 6 the year before, great going in fairness to them

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How are teams categorised in respective championships? Seems a tad unfair on the face of it for a strongly performing Division 9 team be in same champo as Division 11 sides?

They got promoted through the leagues but never won the championship so they’re still in it


Spare a thought for maggies and trinity in inter champo. They will have to face a div 6 side!!


Does anyone know if there is a cup/shield for teams that don’t get out of their group? I don’t think there was last year, but wondering if this year might be different

Heard something about 3rd/4th placed teams alright, nothing definite, lads just want to play ball, be great idea to extend the year