Dublin Junior 6 Football (JFC6N) Championship North 2022

Group 1
Garristown (Div 11N)
St Sylvesters (Div 10N)
St Maurs (Div 11N)
Raheny (Div 10N)

Group 2
Round Towers Lusk (Div 11N)
Na Fianna (Div 10N) Could possibly be their Div 11 team either
Trinity Gaels (Div 9)
Fingallians (Div 10N)

Group 3
Whitehall Colmcille (Div 11N)
O’Dwyers (Div 10N)
St Monicas (Div 11N)
Ballymun Kickhams (Div 11N)

Group 4
Erins Isle (Div 11N)
Man O War (Div 11N)
St Margarets (Div 11N)
Fingal Ravens (Div 10N)

Open to correction on which divison the teams are in but i’m sure it’s pretty close to it. Should be competitive enough.

Do north and south winners play off to decide winners? Or is this a championship in its own right?

Separate is what I’m hearing

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Was separate last year anyways

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Just reading the regulations there and seemingly the 2 finalists automatically get promoted to the next highest championships except if one of the finalists have a club team in the next highest championship. Is this a new rule or was it around last year ? It struck me that Judes played Raheny in last year’s final but only Judes went up to JFC5 but Raheny have no team in JFC5. Maybe this is a new regulation this year !! Anybody clarify?

I would have presumed Raheny should also be brought up. Jude’s other junior team are in J4AC after losing the J 5 final last year

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Crokes Castleknock were in the Junior 5 All County Final last year . No Judes team was in that championship

Olaf’s and Jude’s were. Maybe it was on a South basis last year

You must be thinking of a higher Championship…we made semi final losing to Crokes . Neither Judes or Olafs in that championship . It wasn’t done on North and South . It was one championship

Sound must have been 4 then

Both of them have gone up to JFC4 now so wonder what’s the story with Raheny still in JFC6.

Think I have figured it out. Both winners of the North & South JFC6 go up and the losing finalists stay in JFC6 for another year.

Yeah you would have too many teams going up to 5 if the runner up went too. Similar with the leagues where both first placed teams only get promoted

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Yeah only Castleknock went up. Crokes didn’t because they already had a team in Junior 4 Championship

Id say your right with that

Looks like Monicas have withdrawn already

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Wonder will we see a fair few withdrawls here, lots of Div 10 and 11 teams have struggled to field in the Leagues

Yeah it could be an issue. Didn’t think Monica’s had an issue fielding in 11N this year but may have lost a few towards the end for summer holidays etc

August is a tough time for big games, traditional family holiday time, I’d have always taken first two weeks of August for Holidays, was an interesting conversation at home this year when it came up!!


This championship does be fucking hilarious
Judes team last year were all x senior lads big and strong team that could all play v good football

Ive played in this championship for about 5 years for my sins always getting to quatre or semi final

Never no what players your playing against in this championship league form is nothing to go bye

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