Dublin Junior 6 Football (JFC6N) Championship North 2022

They where young enough the day we played them alright but had a few of the older heads too.

To be fair they were handed the win by the officials and that bit of luck could spur them on

What actually happened that “handed” them the game?

WC were given goal despite a blatant push of the Isles player in possession of the ball over the goal line and the goal was given. The ref consulted for about 3-4 minutes with his own neutral umpire who was at most 14-15 years old. The ref did say there was a push in the back but it was an accidental push and awarded the goal. Not up to date on the rules so maybe there is such thing as an accidental push in the back with 2 hands and excessive force.

Regardless of the result i found it odd that a referee would bring a child to do umpire for him. Unnecessary pressure for someone of that age to be put in that position. Maybe his father was trying to teach him a life lesson or something.

The whole thing reminded me of the Joe Sheridan incident v Louth

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Sounds a bit mad. Plenty of drama this weekend.

Here’s one that happened in our q/f

We had a 45. Our player placed it. Opposition shout and say he moved the ball to a more advantageous position. Referee said he moved the ball and threw it up. Is that right? Couldn’t find this in the rule book (I only had a glance)

Well the rule for taking a free from the wrong place is to throw the ball up. But if he’d not kicked it I don’t think he could enforce that. Just correct the position and let him play it

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Was beside the ref man, he did say it to the lad taking the 45 when he was placing not to pick it up again to place or he would throw it up, naturally when he did couple of our lads gave a holler , was it harsh? Absolutely , particularly at that stage of the game. But to be fair the ref did say it to him :man_shrugging:t2:

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Ref was correct.

Harsh as ■■■■ and had a huge bearing on the game considering when it happened. All he had to say was move the ball to the correct place.

It wasn’t as if he was stealing X number of yards and the only time during the game he called this type of incident.

Edit: I was beside him too!

He was the same for our kickouts making sure they were kicked in the correct spot , we didn’t get penalised to that extent though. If being honest I thought he had a good game, was always talking to us on the field explaining his decisions, stamped out any flare ups quickly and took immediate action for back chat.

There’s no comparison between a kick out been taken again and a chance for us to go two points up in the 2nd half of extra time IMO

Not saying he would’ve got it but the taker is a goalkeeper with a big boot.

Maybe the home team gets calls like that!

Ouch :grimacing:

What’s his car got to do with this?

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Ah you do get some dodgy decisions at this level that can change games.
I remember playing this, or maybe 5, around 10 years ago in a final in Fingallians against Na Fianna. We were all square with only a few minutes left to go, there was a hop ball around the midfield area which I was contesting, but a 3rd lad actually ran in and grabbed the throw in which is not allowed, but the ref, who used to post on here I think and apparently won the lotto, allowed it and they went up and scored which I think ended up being the winner and I got booked for arguing that the 3rd man was not allowed to compete the throw in

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Suppose the only question would be if the whistle was blown

It wasn’t!

Anyway… good luck to the rest of the teams left in this. Both junior 6 champos seem to be where all the action is :sunglasses:


I think I recall Brian Mullins doing something similar at the end of the 1979 Leinster Final against Offaly. We needed a goal. We won a free around midfield - there was retaliation and the referee (Paddy Collins, I think) decided to throw the ball in, instead. Mullins wasn’t supposed to be in the throw ball but jumped and batted the ball forward. Dublin gained possession, a few hand passes later, Mullins is in the large square, hand passes to Bernard Brogan and Brogan buries it. Game over.
This was the “Fourteen on, fourteen off” game.

Might try go to one of these games Sunday. Would you recommend WC bs Mags or Raheny vs Garristown. Leaning to latter as prob two best sides left in it?

Raheny Garristown probably the best of them i’d say

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Margarets should win well on Sunday. Raheny Garristown should be interesting, Gonna go with Raheny in that one though

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