Dublin Junior A Football Championship 2016

Well, who do we fancy lads?

Vins scored 3.2 in the last seven minutes vs. Whitehall to win by four. Amazing turnaround. Final score was 4.8 to 2.10.

Vincent’s keeper gifted the game to Whitehall at fault for both goals

You’re right. A couple of high balls not dealt with. But he didn’t actually gift the game to Whitehall as they didn’t win!!

Man o War lost to Ballyboden by a point.

Peregrines beat Na Fianna after extra time

Anyone have an idea when the semi finals will be played? I remember someone on the old JFCA thread saying the master fixture list said they would be played on the 21st of August but have heard others say that isn’t the case

Quarter Finals

St Oliver Plunketts ER v St Peregrines
Kilmacud Crokes v St Finians (N)

Semi Finals

St Oliver Plunketts ER or St Peregrines v St Vincents
Ballyboden St Endas v Kilmacud Crokes or St Finians (N)

So Finians are the Dublin reps in Leinster?

How are Vins and Boden in the semis already??

There were 5 prelim round games played the same night as 4 first round or last 16 games

Vins match against Monica’s was last 16 so yesterday was a quarter final

Ok. Thanks. Didn’t know that.

What date are quarter finals due to be played?

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Post #14. I can’t paste the link I’m afraid!

No not yet, the county board sent this out yesterday.

If St Finian’s (N) win against Kilmacud Crokes (match B above) they will represent Dublin in the 2016 Leinster Junior Football Championship as the last Junior Club standing in Dublin JFCA.
If St Finian’s (N) lose to Kilmacud Crokes they will play-off with Man O’War on August 21st to decide who represents Dublin in the 2016 Leinster Junior Football Championship.

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Should Vincents not have pulled this team rather then the Inter team thought the rule was you had to pull the Lower team ?

I suspect it has something to do with it being the B championship. I don’t think you can be compelled to play once you are out of the championship proper.

The rules surrounding this would be a very grey area with regard to the official Guide. In essence you have participated in the championship and have been knocked out. Whether you can be forced to continue in another competition and be penalised if you don’t is something the DRA would have a lot of fun with.

Bang on Al, if Vins were to pull a team before the first round of the inter champo proper it would have had to be the junior c team. Due to the B champo not being a ‘proper’ championship the decision was made to pull the inter team rather than fulfil the fixture using the junior a and c players leaving them champo tied for this year and next.

The intermediate B championship and senior B Championship’s at football are the LD Vans soccer equivalent. A complete waste of time. No -one gives a shit about them. Having one championship match per season is a farce but this isn’t the answer.

Playing in the B Inter championship doesnt affect their status for next year ,it is deemed not to be an official competition as its is a relegation championship.We had this query this week about the status of some of our opposition from last weekends game and that is the explanation we were given