Dublin Junior A Hurling Championship 2016

St Marks conceded to Clontarf

That marks gone now?

Thats a shame for Marks

Think they are ok with it only been the 1st walkover?

Think your only allowed 1 in champ?

  1. Failure to fulfil a championship match shall entail loss of points in the group stage or elimination after a second failure to fulfil a fixture and relegation to the next lowest championship. In the knockout stage a failure to fulfil a fixture shall entail loss of game and a fine of €100.

Note the words “second failure”.

This is a nationwide rule and an absolutely ridiculous one. If you concede a championship game you should be out. End of. Grossly unfair on other teams in the group that you hand an opponent two points and then make others play for them.

Any result from Crokes and O Tooles in this??

Comprehensive win for Clontarf

Any other results? Finians beat O Tooles well

St Brigids 7-20 St Marks 2-10

Finians 0-07 OPER 1-09
Lucan 1-15 Brigids 3-13
Marks 7-18 Craobh 3-08

Anymore scores?

Clanna Gael beat clontarf not sure Od score . clontarf top group Brigid’s second Lucan third and clann Gael 4th i think

O tooles gave Barr’s a walkover and crokes won

So Barrs through on score difference over Faughs? Or does O’Toole’s walkover complicate things?

Table: http://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/standings/106723

I think it’s;

Clontarf V Finbarrs
Brigids V Finians
Crokes V Clan na Gael
OPER V Lucan

Faughs V Craobh
Marks V O Tooles

Barr’s beat faughs so go through on head to head?

Head to head

Crokes Beat Clan Na Gael 3.20 to 3.14

Teams left are Crokes, Clontarf, Plunketts and Finians Swords

Any idea on the draw or when it is?