Dublin Junior A Hurling Championship (JHC A) 2023

Thanks. Interesting to see the Pats / Marks game is on the same day as the two other QFs that have been decided. So the other QFs will be at least 1-2 weeks away.

I see in the F hurling all quarters are deferred as one back match.

Fixtures amended on Hill 16 Peregrines-and GCLG now with home advantage showing

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What are the pairings?

Peregrines v Faughs
Good Counsel Liffey Gael v St O Plunketts
Both confirmed

Other two qtr finals unknown as one game still to be played ,when sorted they will play Kevin’s and Clann Na Gael

yourselves v faughs should be a cracker - both been running up big scores the last few games

Yeah definitely have hit form tale end of the league , when results were badly needed to avoid the drop , and that’s been carried into championship thankfully
With a home draw that’s an obvious advantage, however we’re getting into winter hurling , some times games are won in those conditions by the team making the least amount of mistakes as opposed to better hurling , October hurling not normally for the feint hearted

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Been a pretty brutal transition from 25 degrees and dry as a bone to 14 degrees and sodden.


Clann na Gael and Pat’s is confirmed too. Pat’s can’t be caught in third. Kevin’s to play marks or skerries.

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Will their seniors playing relegation play off the same day have any impact on them I wonder? Plunketts the same. Shouldn’t really this far into the season you’d think.

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Is that game fixed for a date yet? Might give us some idea as to the dates the SF and final will get played

Don’t think so

I’d say they are waiting to see what happen in the football, marks and clanns are still in football champo, so depending on what happens there they might be able to play some games on a football week without having to delay everything else.

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