Dublin Junior All County 3 Football Championship (JAC 3) 2020

Raheny beat Gc/LG by about 8ish.

Raheny always Had the upper hand but Gc got back to a 5 point deficit at one stage. Competitive game throughout. Raheny decent enough. They play a very defensive Style and get bodies behind the ball.

There should be a rule against defensive styles once you reach a certain level!

Boden beat Whitehall
0:15 0:05

No defending present in RV today :rofl:

Pats beat the Gards by a good few

Which pats is this? Donabate?

St Peregrines Div 10 (3rds) beaten by 7 by Crokes Div 6. (4ths)Few former Dubs, Club Leinster and AI winners on show.
Enjoyable game all the same.

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Who were the players playing?

Very respectable showing there 4 divisions a huge jump

Liam Og and Brian McGrath were two anyway

Ye pats donabate

Based off Hill16 2019 league. It might not be fully accurate, up for correction?

Be interesting to know how many teams each club has too!

Group 1
Kilmacud Crokes div. 6 4th team
Clontarf div 8 3rd team
St. Peregrines div 10 3rd team
Castleknock div 9 3rd team

Group 2
St. Sylvestors div 7 3rd team
Naomh Barrog div 7 2nd team
Ballyboughal div 8 2nd team
School Ui Chonaill div 7 2nd team

Group 3
Ballyboden St. Enda’s div 8 4th team
Whitehall Colmcille div 6 3rd team
Naomh Fionnbarra div 8 2nd team

Group 4
St. Pats (D) div 7 2nd team
Raheny div 8 3rd team
Garda div 8 2nd team
Good Counsel div 7 2nd team

Naomh Fionnbarra div 8, thats our 2nd team

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Kilmacud are Div 6, 4th team
St Peregrines are Div 10 now, 3rd team. 2nd

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If it’s Crokes 4th team, they’ll surely be favorites for this Championship. Going very well last few years. That’s two promotions for them if I’m not mistaken.

That GC/LG team is afl7.

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Pats Donabate are div 7

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Crokes probably be favourites as have a lot of ex seniors. I’d say Raheny would be decent. Is David Henry playing with that team?

Henry didn’t play on Sunday anyway (thankfully :joy:).

As I said above, Raheny are young, fit, well organised (they get bodies behind the ball) , had plenty of subs and should get to the semis or final. Saying that, I thought we done ok against them (considering the bodies we were missing).

Ballyboden beat Naomh fionbarra tonight 3 10 to 2 3