Dublin Junior All County 3 Football Championship (JAC 3) 2020

Garda beat GC/LG

Pats beat Raheny by 9. Am I right in saying it’s head to head in the groups, if teams finish level?

Heard classic Finbars living up their reputation as a gentle, fair and respectful team. :eyes:

Anyone able to get the Refs record sheet from last night?

Sounds like a great game was had. Both teams thriving at the moment. Great to see. Good luck to both teams!

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Yis have the group won (yis cannot be caught).

Might want to rest a few for your last game…

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Ballyboden have a bye in the next game Naomh fionbarra play Whitehall Colmcille in last game to see who finishes second in the group

Who are the 8 teams through to the 1/4s.

Who finished 1st and 2nd In their respective groups?

Pats won group 4. Runner up spot will go to the winner of the Raheny and Garda game. The county website says this wasn’t played this morning due to covid 19. Presumably as a precaution, due to the positive case in raheny.

Ballyboden won group 3, Whitehall were 2nd

Result Pending:

1st Seeded:
Ballyboden St Endas
St.Pats Donabate
Naomh Barróg
Clontarf/Kilmacud Crokes

2nd Seeded:
Whitehall Colmcille
Castleknock/Kilmacud Crokes


This was Whitehall’s Division 11 team, a great win against a team three divisions higher in a closely fought affair


Castleknock beat Peregrines this morning

Fair play. If it’s the winners v runners up in the quarters, group 1 v 2 and 3 v 4 as has been suggested in other threads, Pats v Whitehall is one confirmed quarter final

Have dates been confirmed?
I would have thought it would be an open draw between the 2nd seeded teams to play away against first seeded teams? Similarly like the hurling?

Quarters are down for the 30th August. Not 100% sure on what way they are drawn

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Any score from Clontarf Crokes?

2-6 to 1-16 I think

KC1-9 to Clontarf 2-12 on Dub website

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Should the draw be done; Grp v 1 v Group 2 and so…

I would imagine the draw will look like this;

St.Pats Donabate v Whitehall Colmcille

Ballyboden v Raheny/Garda

Naomh Barrog v Castleknock

Clontarf v St.Sylvesters

Draw and dates have been decided, what divisions are the teams left in?