Dublin Junior All County Football Championship 2 (JAC 2) 2020

Any news on the draw for Semi Finals


Lusk are flying up the championships. Wonder if they’ll win this one.

Flying as a Club, so much development out there, great to see them growing. That Olafs team are handy enough if I remember correctly

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Anyone know if Mary’s v Olafs is going ahead or is the game awarded to Olafs ?

Game awarded to Olaf’s, Mary’s bet plunketts in the cup yesterday

St Anne’s bet RTL Sunday but apparently ref stopped the game to take the name of three St Annes players that had been refused a regrade? Does anyone know anything about it?

Heard that too. Given the circumstances Re:Covid in would be a shame for a team to be kicked out unless your pulling down a senior starter. There has to be rules but there is a lot of junior teams playing ineligible players.

Would definitely agree! But is it a kick in the teeth to say you’ve been beaten by “the better team on the day” when in fact you could just do the same and make sure you are going to have the better team, by bringing down uneligible first-team fridge players…

Will be interested to see if they will appeal the game, Id assume they will win the appeal… was told two of them in forward line had a fair few points/goal between them.

Olafs will have an eye out for them in the Final

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Fair point. What is the time-frame of an appeal? would have to be resolved quickly either way

I also heard the ref took 3 rtl players name aswel

From what i’ve heard there is no issue with the RTL players. The one’s in question had not played senior ever. I don’t know the in’s and out’s of the Anne’s situation. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for teams to have to submit a team photo for games to avoid this scenario going forward. I would say a huge number of clubs are playing ineligible players. The regrading process is a shambles as it is.

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Can’t imagine the time frame being any longer than a few days.

And yes apparently so!! wasn’t at the game myself but I know RTLs old first team manager was keeping an eye out for one or two lads from lusk as he is with Annes now? A good Friend of mine involved with RTL said they wouldn’t have bothered chancing their arm with it hat game, Had a complete eligible starting 15 and bench

Is Patton still with Anne’s? Seems to do ok wherever he goes.

That Lusk team are useful and dont need bangers.

It would be very disappointing if Lusk are playing ineligible players. Its not like they are starved of adult football success lately. This team have flown up through the leagues (and won the championship last year) and their first team are flying.

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I don’t think they have been using bangers. I think the Anne’s line got the ref to take the name’s of RTL’s 3 best players after he was questioning the Anne’s players.


Anne’s were in flying form last season when they won the league so I don’t see why the would need to use bangers

Word is both Anne’s and Lusk will be gone after CCC meeting.

Olaf’s awarded the final ?

I am sure Olaf’s would not want that.

This could drag out

Not a great way to win a championship

Why would lusk be throwing out.they had no players who were illegal did they ??

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