Dublin Junior All County Football Championship 5 (JAC 5) 2020

Group 1:
Naomh Barrog (Div 10)
St Sylvesters (Div 10)
St Brigids (Div 10)
Kilmacud Crokes (Div 10)

Group 2:
Wanderers (Div 11S)
St. Brendans (Div 10)
Clann Mhuire (Div 9)
St. Patrick’s (D) (Div 11N)

Group 3:
Clanna Gael Fontenoy (Div 9)
Lucan Sarsfields (Div 10)
Castleknock (Div 11N)
Geraldine P. Moran’s (Div 11S)

Group 4:
Naomh Mearnog (Div 11N)
Ballinteer St. John’s (Div 11S)
Man O War (Div 10)
Ballymun Kickham’s (Div 11N)

what leagues are teams in and who is fav for it

Clanna Gael or Clann Mhuire as favs for this I’d imagine. They are division 9

Brigids Crokes Sylvester Barrog Brendans Lucan and Man O War all AFL 10

All the other teams in AFL 11 as far as I know

looks better with four groups then 8 anyway

I’ll put the leagues beside each team now

Anyone know if this is Wanderers division 6 team or their Division 11 south team because I can’t see there Division 6 teams in any of the championship draws but there division 11 south team are in this championship according to this thread. Can someone please clarify this.

Wanderers Division 6 team in Junior AC Championship 2 I believe

Sorry Junior Club Championship 2

Means nothing in this championship. Harps Div9 team lost to a mid table AFL11 S team who they hammered in the first game of the group too

I still think that both Division 9 teams are the favourites as per the question asked by bkafl7.

Brigids 3-09 _ 0-09 Crokes

St Brendans 2-13 Wanders 3-10

Finians Swords 10-17 Boden 0-8. Is that a correct scoreline?

Where are the Hurlers


Id imagine preparing for senior championship?

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Didn’t think Boden were in this championship?

Think it is junior 4 all county championship that boden and st finians are in as boden won junior 5 all county last year and got promoted

Ye thought they were in junior 4

Sylvesters beat Barróg by 6.