Dublin Junior All County Football Championship 5 (JAC 5) 2020

Geraldine Moran’s beat castleknock by 1 in a real dogged display by them. Fair play to them.
Castleknock will rue a lot of missed opportunities but post Covid rustiness surely at play.

Mearnog beat bsj yesterday. Not sure what the score was. Bsj with a couple of good young footballers. Good luck to them for the remainder of this campaign

Are Boden in this champo?
I heard they for some recruits in?

In all fairness the won fair and square last year

No they are in championship above

Wanderers should be favorites for this. Have fielded a good side the last few years.

Can’t see them being favourites unless they have a lot of their Div 6 team playing this year with their Div 11 side.

Massive win for Clanna Gael in first round against Lucan side who’d be hoping to push for promotion in Div 10 over last few years.

Apologies, I thought it was their Div 6 team.

Clann Mhuire have a strong side.

Yes I would have Clann Mhuire or Clanna Gael as top 2 if its league teams as championship teams

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Clans nGael should be favourites if they don’t forget to turn up for matches this year.

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If you call playing a completely different team in the championship than in the league just to win the lowest grade championship and ruin it for other clubs who don’t have the luxury of a senior hurling team to call on then yea, they won it fair and square


Yeh they played in J4 against Finians last week. They were poor to say the least.

Crokes have senior players playing for them too. I had to mark Cian MacGabhann a few times. You get on with it. Clearly hurling is their priority, it’s whatever and how far they progress in senior Championship / or if they are involved with Dublin etc. It was a competitive Championship. It’s completely circumstantial.

Ballyboden JB had years of heartache playing against St. Olaf’s when they regraded half their senior panel to make way for younger lads coming through. A complete revamp. They had an U21 Dublin player on the team too. That Olaf’s team went from div 9 - div 6. Didn’t lose a game for two years. Great achievement for them.

EDIT: Boden aren’t even in this Championship. Sorry for the OT reply.

normal service has resumed! hopefully the bashing they got on and off the field will keep them in check this year

That Crokes team is a bit different because they field the same team as much as possible in the league as they do in championship. We played them in the league a few years ago and they had Paul Griffen, Liam O’g and one other ex Dub senior/U21 all in their early 30’s playing for them.

Ballyboden deserve all the abuse they got and should have got more IMO… it smacks of slack of character that no one internally thought to Put a stop to it . A complete lack of sportsmanship and against the spirit of what this level of ball is about . Harps train all year to be taken out like that …


Putting a stop to playing eligible players and winning. It’s great to see people play football. I understand it’s hard from an outside perspective. I like to encourage anyone to play football.

and what about the regular team of lads who would tog to to make the numbers for that team, how is that encouraging them to stay involved?

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I was on that team and I am still playing this year we are playing in the junior 4 championship this year

Yes I played against both teams I was captain of the team so got to lift the championship trophy after the game against skerries it was the happiest moment of my playing career


If you can’t see the reason why people have an issue with it and seek to defend the inexcusable by stating it was the happiest day of your life, it just highlights the selfishness involved by a few to the detriment of many . Shame on you and Ballyboden . Shame !