Dublin Junior All County Football Championship 5 (JAC 5) 2021

Group 1

Man O War
Kilmacud Crokes
St Brigids

Group 2

Clann Mhuire
Naomh Mearnog
Clanna Gael Fontenoy
Naomh Barrog

Group 3
St Brendans
Lucan Sarsfields
Ballymun Kickhams

Group 4

St Sylvesters
Ballyboden St Endas
Geraldine P. Morans

Crokes 2-14 _ 1-09 Brigids

Clanna Gael beat Barrog 3-15 to 10. Best of luck to Clanna Gael for the rest of the championship

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Castleknock beat Syls. 1st 15 minutes was all Syls, but they’d a load of wides, so it was level at that stage. We got going then, and got a nice win 3-13 to 0-7. Scoreline flattered us.

Am I right in thinking that 3/4 of last years semi finalists are in the same group ??

Yep. And clann mhuire beat us handily on Sunday. Very good team tbf.

Yes Clann Mhuire, Clanna Gael and Naomh Mearnóg all made semi final last year and all in group 2

Brigids 4-12 _ 0-08 Man O War

Barróg 1-6 Mearnog 0-16.

Brigids beat Ballyboden Wanderers

Is there a shield for this like last year or was that only because of covid ?

Clanna Gael beat Mearnog by 3 or 4 today. Was a good tight game till the last quarter when they pulled away. Too many young lads with legs unfortunately for us :older_man:t3::older_man:t3:. Best of luck to the Gael. Seemed like a nice bunch tbf

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Just seen the scoreline. Add it to the list of absolute hidings dished out this weekend.

In fairness to Wanderers they were probably the oldest team that I’ve ever seen at that level which says alot. They only had 14 players aswel. They could easily have not bothered to show up but still came out to Russell Park


Probably would’ve been better off not showing up. Those hidings are good for nobody. Especially at this level.

I assume Brigids have a completely different team out in championship than they do in league ? Mid Table div 10 but won championship beating a div 8 team Clann Mhuire ( now ) well in final last year .

The match is up online and the team is listed have a look at it if you want to know the team

That doesn’t answer my question which was in no way alleging that any players that played were ineligible . It was a genuine attempt to understand if the clubs selection policy is different for league and championship as they are obviously not the same 15 that represent the team in div 10 that won championship last year which is fine . I just feel for lads who play league all year but don’t get a game come championship time and that would my favourite approach in general but each club is different I suppose .

Well you are obviously wrong. Same team league and championship

Ok :+1::eyes: