Dublin Junior B Football Championship 2016

Anyone Any Idea When The Semis Are?

21st August

Commiserations Ger.

I’m away at the moment, so wondering if you can fill me in on the game?

Was the reitoir as usual a major factor?? When I heard who was reffing, I shuddered a little!

Dave O D had a very good game in the middle actually, last minute change to the listed ref, or so he said. Let the game flow well, no controversial points in my opinion anyway

On the game itself, hard to see how those lads are mid table in Div 7, we were really only short one midfielder and one that would have only played a half anyone and are second in Div 6, obviously Im not saying that there was any rules broken, but they surely dont have that team out for league matches

Anyway, things were level enough until the Ballymun first goal, then once the gap opened Harps never really got back into it. Free taker had a great night and Paddy Christie pulled the strings from about 20 mins in for the rest of the game from CHF. Thats about it really, as I saw it

Semi final predictions lads?

Ballymun v Judes
BOI v Wanderers

Ballymun will win this out

I think Ballymun have really targeted this Championship, have a very strong team. If Wanderers have their full team I’d fancy them to beat BOI.

I can assure you, we’ve targeted it like we have every year, for the record, all 3 of our adult teams are still in championship. Just in case there’s any misunderstanding!

Rochey, not saying there is anything wrong as the rules are the rules, but the team that bet us in the last round were not a Div 7 team, no chance!

Our footballers have to play somewhere though!!! We can’t turn to them and say, here, you’re too good for division 7, so you can’t play football at all this year!!!

That’s what you said to me Rochey !

Hah… I was the messenger for the management team!

Not what I meant. The team we played in championship would have no way lost 3 games in Div7, even if Clayton is banging on about how good the Maggies team is…

Well, they did! Some of the older fellas are choosy about the games they play due to work commitments and mileage on the legs, by way of explanation! One of the midfielders is 40 ffs!!!

And the midfielder marking him is 41! OK, so thats an explanation then. Fair enough.

but we beat Maggies, Wanderers, Ballinteer, lost our first 2 games before we got our act together and then had an atrocious night in Annes where we had the bare minimum (I had to tog out but mercifully didn’t have to go on). we lost that by a point ! No major conspiracy theory. Sure we have history beating skerries in Champo even when Bryan played against us and we had a young James McCarthy and Dean Rock playing,

Some amount of excuses coming out! Funny that the 40 year old MF told our 41 year old midfielder that he was 34 and has been mainly playing in the AFL3 team this year. Or maybe he was lying

That was your second team that bet us in the championship Mackers, that was a disaster alright, but they picked it up after that and hopefully will be playing your first team in league next year :wink:

Ah No Harpo, just No!!! Don’t go on about excuses and offer some very debatable ones yourself as to why Harps where beaten. He said, she said never holds up. The reason why It looks like it’s a D7 team is because maybe, just maybe they are capable of more. Football is a funny auld game.

Hold on, I never gave any excuses, we were bet by the better team, thats a fact. Probably the only one on the thread in the last 2 weeks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Jude’s flood their team with senior hurlers, Ballymun with Seniors/Inters… manipulation of the rules I think its called :slight_smile: