Dublin Junior B Football Championship (JFC B) 2017

Junior ‘B’ Football Championship:

Preliminary Round
A St James Gaels An Caisleán (7) v Scoil Ui Chonail (7)

Round 1
Winner A v Innisfails (6)
St Marys (7) v St Judes (6)
Skerries Harps (5) v Wanderers (6)
Castleknock (4) v Thomas Davis (7)
Ballinteer St Johns (7) v St Oliver Plunketts ER (6)
O’Tooles (7) v St Maurs (5)
St Annes (7) v Bank of Ireland (BOI) (6)
Fingal Ravens (6) v Civil Service (6)

What divisions are these teams in does anyone know offhand?

The division numbers are in brackets. Skerries should win it easily

My dosh would be on Castleknock.

Don’t know about easily I’m sure knocks div 4 side will be in with a shout

Overlooked that. It’s a monumental piss-take having a div 4 side in this. Just shouldn’t be allowed.

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100% agree

Castleknock should technically be in division 5. BSJ beat them in the C championship final 2 years ago.

Castleknock & Skerries favourites

Brackets completely escaped me :see_no_evil:

If Skerries win it they’ll do it the hard way. Playing Wanderers first who got to the final last year, then probably the only div 4 side in the competition. If they get over them hurdles they’re still only at the semi final stage, plenty of banana skins in there. Maurs from the bottom half look a good bet to me.

Is It an open draw? :grin:

No it’s not . only senor and inter is

Castleknock for me but Skerries will run them close. Interesting to see how Maurs do after giving a walkover in first League game

It’s a joke that any team from div 4 or 5 should be in a junior b championship I don’t know why the county board don’t just divide championship along league lines and ranking in senior championship div 1 and 2 inter championship div 3 and 4 junior a div 5 and 6 junior b div 7 and 8 etc would make for a far more even and competitive championship

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Has anybody any idea if the idea of championship based on league as above has ever been put forward or promoted at county board has the idea ever been defeared at county board level etc

It was the way it used to be done and it was by far the best system. But it didn’t suit clubs with county players so it was changed.

Club football in Dublin is a mess with badly structured uncompetitive leagues , a regrading system that suits the big clubs and a championship structure that again suits the big clubs

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Don’t think that’s the reason.
It’s a GAA nationwide thing, not a Dublin only thing.
A clubs grade is based on their championship standing only.
So a club playing in Division 1 but in the Inter championship is still regarded as an Intermediate club. The only way to change this is the win a championship (or get relegated)
But that is only an issue for Senior, Intermediate and Junior A.
Junior B to Junior E doesn’t have this issue, so I fully agree that these should be based on league status.
Pretty sure last year (and possibly this year again) there was Division 7 teams in both the Junior A and the Junior D championship.

Dublin conformed to nationwide standards when in my view there was no need to. Because our system was always different and hence why the county leagues until the change in system were the best in the country.

Maybe I’m getting this wrong but I think this effects all levels senior right down I stand to be corrected but at times if I right in saying inter teams have played senior championship inter teams have played senior and junior championship junior teams have played inter championship and it goes on down the grades it all goes towards uneven unbalanced championship’s. just a question to add to that how would a motion such as championship based on league status to Brought forward to the county board and do lads on here think it would get the light of day if it was

That’s the way it started out. But then teams won promotion from leagues and not from championships and vice versa. Same applies to relegation.

The question which should be asked is why is a Junior B team in division five not the other way around. It is championship which defines status. Leagues are only competitions to be played between the more important championship games.

Sorry you play 15 league games a year. You might play 5 championship games.

It’s myopic to dismiss leagues as simply challenge like above. They are in a lot of leagues essentially challenge games because of this very silly system we have