Dublin Junior B Football Championship (JFC B) 2017

Championship is the be all and end all in the GAA rule book. It defines a club status and players status etc league doesn’t and that is a fact. It a club cannot compete in a championship they lose all their rights as a club and cease to exist, that doesn’t happen if they fail to take part in a league. Players must be freed from inter county commitments to play championship but don’t have to be to play league.
As an example last Sunday’s league defeat by Kerry will mean nothing when it comes to championship time!!

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That’s a very outdated view . Even now with the super 8s the GAA is slowly moving to a league structure for championship
Players are no longer interested in having one game a season , months of inactivity and wonder why the GAA can’t provide them with a consistent fixture schedule that they can plan their life around
Dublin used to have the best football leagues in the country . But with no championship status involved they are largely by mid season uncompetitive

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The view I referred to is the structure that has operated in Dublin, under GAA rules, since the year 2000 or 2001. It came in because of the introduction of the calendar year inter county games programme which makes it impossible for inter county players to be available for the majority of club league fixtures. Therefore club championships are the principal club competitions and, whether we like it or not and most of us don’t, leagues have been reduced to secondary competitions to be played, for the most part, without the best players being available to their clubs.
As for saying that I have an outdated view I think yours is 16 or 17 years behind the times!!

My view is in line with what players want .

Regular competitive fixtures

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Have been playing league and championship football for 20 years, jaysus I’m old, the other structure was better, where your league grading determined your championship and vice versa. Made the league matches more competitive and the lower championships fairer


Is this the first time we agreed on anything ?

Ah no, there has been one or two more occasions. It’s not often though, so don’t be getting cosy…

It was just a fleeting moment …but it shows how out of touch the establishment are with club players and league competitions

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Harps 3-15 Wanderers 2-9

O Tooles 2-5 Maurs 0-17

Plunketts beat Maurs well

Good win for Harps vs Castleknock. Castleknock might be in this from Division 3 next year if the year pans out well from herr

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Were the semi final line ups confirmed yet? Skerries must be favs after beating an intermediate team :wink:

If that’s the Skerries team that got promoted from 6 last year I wouldn’t be backing against them alright. Very good outfit if they still have much the same team.

Skerries beat James Gaels tonight 3-11 to be -10

minus 10? poor return there

Correction 3-11 to 1-10 JG with a goal in injury time

Skerries 3-17 Plunketts 1-9

Serious skerries side, Graham Cullen Cashman etc really good at that level

Same graham Cullen who played AFL1 the other night ?

I’d imagine so.

Out of interest do Scoil have anyone who played a division 2 game this year and also played in a championship lower than the intermediate championship?