Dublin Junior B Hurling Championship 2016

How does the group stages work in this lads, as there are quarter finals and only 2 groups, is it 4 teams from each group that goes through or how does it work?


Any results in from this evenings fixtures?

Brendans 1-11 Boden 4-14

Counsel Gaels beat Whitehall by a point

I heard it was the Emmet Carrol show… it’s good a player of that caliber doesn’t just drop off the scene at senior and says I’m to good for junior, which a lot of people do!

Agreed. Great to have lads like that who will tog out for lower teams as they get older. Scored 2-1 I think. Typical Emmett. A corner back could win 90% of the ball off him, but he can still make said CB look less than ordinary with just a few possessions.
However I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it was a 1 man show. 2-1 out of 4-14 means 2-13 was scored by other lads. Hardly a one man show.

Boden beat Crumlin well.

Crumlin 2-16 Brendans 0-15 second half was a draw and Crumlin should have hammered them in the first in what was a poor enough game, great goalkeeping at the end from Crumlin, only player of I noted from Brendans was playing at 10.

BSJ 20 2-6 BBSE BSJ top the group

BSJ v Whitehall
St. Maurs v Counsel Gaels
St. Vincents v Ballyboden
Faughs v Crumlin

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BSJ v Whitehall… I think this result will be straight forward, obvs BSJ have a panel consisting of some of their first team that’s making a difference
St. Maurs v Counsel Gaels… This will be tight, i’m going with Counsel to muscle them, despite Maurs having a great record in this Champo the last few years.
St. Vincents v Ballyboden … Didn’t see BBSE yet, although heavy on the score sheet, I’d expect Vins to shut them down.
Faughs v Crumlin… I’ve been wrong before and hope I am again, I’ll keep my reasons close to my chest on this one.

Any Opinions???

Would probably side with Maurs and agree with the rest - Faughs possibly favourites to win outright .

Why are BSJ doing so badly in AHL5, yet there championship results are really strong? Faughs and Maurs the two best teams in it, although wouldn’t rule Vinnies out…

Is Maurs v Counsel Gaels off this weekend??? it’s down as TBC on dublingaa’s fixtures?

Yes, game to be refixed as St Maurs have a lad playing with the Dublin u21s the week after.

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Faughs up 11-5 at ht… McCann with 8 frees and one from play at full forward, Crumlin’s only scorer from midfield and 3 from frees. Crumlin have the hill here in Tymon in the second half… I’d expect a row!

Faughs 1-18 Crumlin 1-13. All Crumlin’s scores came from frees in the second save the final point and the goal which was a long free that got deflected into the net. An ageing Faughs team worth their win.

Ballinteer scraped by Whitehall this morning by 2. We didn’t perform for most of the second half until the last 10 mins. Their free taker was the difference really with 11 placed balls and 2 from play I think.

1-19 to 2-14.

Vine beat Boden by five.

Is it an open draw for these championships??